TheHig's Lower League Adventure...EXCELLENT!!!!!


Feb 27, 2009
Just Started a new game as Basingstoke in the BSS League, the Fizz is out my Everton game for now as I want to try my hand in lower league management for the first time.
No Idea why I chose Basingstoke was completely random.

So With Basingstoke you start with 0 Transfer budget and 3200 wage budget, but the club is already spending 3350 on wages, so I had to release a lot of players to bring in my own.

So My In's

Alan Gritthis (Vauxhall Motors) free
Zlakto Yankov (Kameno) free
Ian Snodin free
Joey Huchenson free
Izzet Zahrihoviv free
Tesfeye Bramble (Leiston) free
Tom Adlington (free)
Wayne Graves (free)

My Outs

Matty Warner
Scott Perkins
Chris Waller
David Tapey
Paul Charles
Micthel Coop Miles
Jerome Maledon
Sam Tucknot
Phil Ruggles
Adam Aimable

First Update July 2008

Board Expectations - To enjoy competing in the BSS ? brillaint low exepectancy little pressure ? hopefully.

Pre Season Friendly's

Taunton 0 v 4 Basingstoke

Basinstoke 6 - 0 Guisley

Basingstoke 0 - 3 Reading

Hastings Utd 0 - 2 Basingstoke

Buxton 0 - 5 Basingstoke

I was very happy with those results, cant expect anything from Reading, but I raised no eyebrows against all the lesser teams, raised morale for start season. Some other pleasing signings including Bramble, a huge holding stiker, and Yankov a 42 year Fromer Bulgarain International.

Player of the Month - Ian Snodin - The central Midfielder ran the midfield for the games except Reading, picking up and average 7.4 rating, proving he will be crucial in the coming season.

August 2008

Bishops Stortford 1 - 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 2 v 0 Bath (BSS)

Basingstoke 1 v 1 Maidnehead (BSS)

AFC Wimbledon 3 - 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 2 v 0 Bromley (BSS)

A good start to the season, Very pleased I seem to have made my team a force at home, very dissapointed with the AFC Wimbledon game. My team did not turn up and dirty AFC Wimbledon injured 4 of my players, had to go with ten men in the last 5 minutes. Lucky enough they were all only knocks or short term injurys.

Player of the Month
- Wayne Graves, the right midfielder had 2 assists and an important first goal against Bromley, porving himself to be a key part of this basingstoke side.

Current League Position 9th

I love lower league management so far, Its refreshing change from top flight, September update coming soon.

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September 2008

Basingstoke 2 v 0 Bath (Conference League Cup Round 1)

Worchester 0 v 2 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 2 v 1 Havant & Waterloo (BSS)

Eastleigh 2 v 2 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 5 v 2 Corinthian Casuals (Fa Cup QL Round 2 )

Still not sure what I'm expecting of my team this year, sometimes they look unbeatable other times like they could never score. This month the team were amazing, a downside was Jason Bristow and Joe Dolan both got sent off against Worcester. The team hung on for the win but very poor discipline both players received a Official warning.
I had the chance to try some youth and Fringe players against Corinthian Casuals, but players other than current first team failed to impress.
I got 4,500 for winning that game :) that got my finances out the red, but for how long ?

Player of the Month - Goes to Grandad Zlatko Yankov, the 42 year old played in 3 of the 5 games, and his experience helped the team hold on against Worcester in the dying minutes. He also Lead the team to Victory in Bristows absence the following game against Havant and Waterloo. The players experiance has been a great asset to the sqaud.

Current League Postion - 5th


Feb 27, 2009
thanks, I intend to keep this career up to date, I'm half way through October now, new update due :)


Feb 10, 2009
Good read, hoping to get my Alfreton one up on here tomorrow as ive just started my second season. Yankov was a quality signing for me, great passer of the ball really knows how to control the midfield, Bramble could never quite perform for me though


Feb 27, 2009
me neither, played 8 scored 0. just that he and Worthington are my only 2 strikers lol


Feb 10, 2009
through my first season i had a few good strikers an midfielders just my defence was shocking, finished about 14th, got some decent defenders in the summer an sitting pretty at the top now, will get a thread an some screenies up soon


Feb 27, 2009
October 2008

Basingstoke 0 v 1 St Albans (BSS)

Welling 1 v 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 3 v 1 Havant & Waterloo (Conference League Cup R2)

Hampton & Richmond 0 v 4 Basingstoke (Fa Cup Qaul Round 3 )

Basingstoke 2 v 0 Dorchester (BSS)

Team Bath 2 v 3 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 3 v 1 Thactham (
Fa Cup Qaul Round 4 )

A very eventful month, but I'm delighted with the teams performances. Even St Albans I'm not concerned about, I was missing 4 of my First Team Players that game.
The Cup tie against Havant & Waterloo infuriated me, they are one dirty team, injured 3 of my players in one game, causing me to play with ten men as I'd made a sub due to Jason Bristow not being able to Control his temper by getting sent off AGAIN!!!, I've stripped him of the captaincy and gave it to Tom Adlington.
He will now play a month in the reserves, and training schedule on full workload to injure him because he deserves it.
Havant & Waterloo are my personal rivals after having two heated games with them, the last one was when I had players sent off.

Anyway 12,500 prize money for Fa Cup win puts in a healthy bank balance, And I'm looking to bring Charlie Griffin in on a free to replace useless Bramble.

Player Of The Month - Jason Bristow, the hot headed defender responded well to my new training program and pulled his hamstring RESULT hope it hurt him.

Current League Postion 4th

Edit : Just to add to October, Charlie Griffin rejected me to go to Hucknall, I need a another Striker the search continues.

November coming soon!
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Mar 11, 2009
try loan something-hall from portsmouth res. he come to my bognor regis team.

..and why not ***** robert? everyone talk about him. i sign him on someones recomandation and he scored 36 in 43 app.


Feb 27, 2009
November 2008

Basingstoke 3 v 0 Bognor Regis (BSS)

Hampton & Richmond 0 v 3 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 2 v 1 Weymouth (BSS)

Basingstoke 0 v 3 Walsall (Fa Cup 1st Round)

Basingstoke 3 v 2 Fisher (BSS)

Basingstoke 2 v 1 AFC Wimbledon (Fa Trophy 3rd Qualifying Round)

Thurrock 2 v 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

Newport County 1 v 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

A long month with lots of games, but some excellent reults and good performances. Although towards the end of the month my team are tiring, I think my loss to Thurrock was due to a few players starting with 70% ish condition.
Bognor Regis and Hampton were both pathetic teams, they just laid down and died from the kcik off, Fair play I guess
I got cocky in the newport game, took off 3 players at 1-0 up with ten minutes to go, mistake was lucky to draw the again, you live and learn i Guess.
Signed a Striker hopefully a decent partner for Worthington, Roy Essandoh, big strong and bit of class hopefully a good signing. Another Plus is Bramble finally scored after 13 games without a game, explains why Essandoh will take his place.
Hot Head EX-Captain Bristow returns to action next game, on the bench, he lost his place to Joey Huchinson and I'm not going to give it back to him unless he works hard to prove his worth.
Clubs balance is 138k, very wealthy I think, the cup runs have helped that a lot.

Player Of The Month - Ian Snodin, The Creative central midfielder was a apart of all that was good this month, scoring 4 goals, 2 cool efforts from the spot under pressure too.

Current League Position 2nd

Coming soon Screen shots , followed by December 2008.

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Here are my screen shots, current progress, League, the squad and my latest signing, as said before December coming up soon

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December 2008

Basingstoke 5 v 1 Crawley (Conderence League Cup Round 4)

Basingstoke 2 v 1 Clemsford (BSS)

Droylsden 2 v 1 Basingstoke (FA Trophy Round 1)

Basingstoke 1 v 1 Weston Supermare (BSS)

Braintree 1 v 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

The month Started with the clubs greatest result in History, beating Blue Square Premier outfit Crawley 5-1. Then an excellent hard thought win over league leaders Clemsford.
After that my team didn't turn up against Droylsden, was lucky to loose 2-1.
Then two average performances avoiding defeat after that. I'm still happy and think my team can reach a play off place.
New Singing Essandoh is yet to make an impact, Jason Bristow is back in the starting line up and Joey Huchinson released from club as he did not turn up for training one session.

Player Of The Month - Jason Bristow, has made a huge impact on his return to the team, scoring 2 goals from corners as well has some impressive defensive displays.

Current League Position 3rd


Mar 5, 2009
Zlatko Yankov is a legend. He was a rock in defence for me in my first season of BSS which I won. Now in my second season I'm in BSP and I still bring him out from time to time and he's still a rock despite being really old and having a rubbish statline. In fact he's scored a couple of goals. Essandoh was a nightmare to play against. I found Fraser from Bristol Rovers and Ben Joyce from Swindon as great loan players. You can also sign them in second season when their contracts run out.

Also Michael Nardiello is awesome and will sign for BSS for only £90 a week if you get him before others notice him. I still found him an awesome investment at £300as my one decent scout didn't notice him until other teams had started bidding. He doesn't show up everygame however.
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Sep 17, 2005
what skin is that?

BSS was fairly easy for me when i was Weston-Super-Mare,i fancy trying again with someone and sticking with it.

keep us updated and stick with it


Keep up the good work. You have been doing well. I well understand all the high and lows you are experiencing having gone through them myself with Eastbourne. Hopefully, your team will continue their progress till the end of the season. Good luck mate :)


Feb 27, 2009
January 2009

Basingstoke 2 v 0 Hayes and Yeading (BSS)

Basingstoke 1 v 1 Bishops Stortford (BSS)

Oxford United 0 v 1 Basingstoke(Conference league cup Qauters )

Bath 1 v 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

Maidenhead 0 v 2 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 2 v 1 AFC Wimbledon (BSS)

A long month like November, but an excellent month. Started off my usual weekly insult to Havant & Waterloos manager then a solid home performance against Hayes & Yeading. Ian Snodin scoring 2 spot Kicks.
Highlight of the month was the glorious 1-0 win over Oxford in the conference league cup, putting me in the semi final.
Zlatko Yankov has picked up Strained Knee Ligaments, and will be out for about 8 weeks, GUTTED, he is by far my best midfielder, he creates most good attacking plays, and also breaks up opposiotion atacks.
I'm Distraught with that, but he is 42 and I cant expect him to play 40+ games.
As things stand I'm 3 points of the top, I could be in a tile race here, although its early days and lets see how I do without Zlatko for 2 months first.

Player Of the Month Zlatko Yankov, the experainced midfielder is a wizard, carved out many clear cut chances for my strikers, seems to have formed a good CM partnership with Ian Snodin. Crucial to my team and he will be missed

Current League Positon 2nd


Feb 27, 2009
February 2009

Basingstoke 5 v 2 Ebblesfleet (Conference League Cup )

Basingstoke 4 v 0 Worchester (BSS)

Bromley 2 v 1 Basingstoke (BSS)

Havant & Waterloo 3 v 3 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 1 v 0 Eastleigh (BSS)

A month without Yankov, and you could tell in the Bromley game as my midfield constantly gave the ball away, I doubt that would of happened with Yankov managing the midfield.
Standout match of the month was my local rival match v Havant & Waterloo (god I hate them) there still dirty team snapping joe dolan putting him out of action for 3 weeks.
They were 3-2 but James Bristow scored a header from a free kick whipped in the box in final minute of stoppage time.
A hard thought win over Eastleigh leaves me still a good postion in the league. Bad news in the Eastleigh game Sido Jombarti my first choice left mid torn his calf muscle, out for 6 months :( ( his season over)
If you think thats enough get on this, Ian Snodin Broke his leg....8 months his season over 2. I hate Eastleigh with a passion.

Player Of The Month - Tom Williamson, has replaced Yankov in Center mid for the month, and has done well, a big void to fill but Williamson has been very effective and grabbed the winning goal against Eastleigh with a curled shot from edge of area.

Current League Position 3rd

1st Chelmsford 58
2nd AFC Wimbledon 57
3rd Basingstoke 55
4th Team Bath 53
5th Havant & Waterloo 52
6th Braintree 49
7th Thurrock 48
8th Maidenhead 48
9th Newport County 45
10th Bath 44
Dec 12, 2008
hey! may look forward to start a bss when Ive finsihed my trainee and exams things, I've seen a challenge afc telford 15 years to euro glory or bust? something liek that. Anyway Hig go on, the champions league is but a couple hundred hours of play!


Feb 27, 2009
March 2009

St Albans 0 v 3 Basingstoke (BSS)

Kidderminster 0 v 0 Basingstoke (Conference League Cup Final)
(Lost 5-4 on pens)

Basingstoke 0 v 2 Welling (BSS)

Dorchester 1 - 3 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke 1 - 0 Team Bath (BSS)

Bognor Regis 2 - 3 Basingstoke (BSS)

Basingstoke P v P Hampton & Richmond
Posponed due to waterlogged pitch.

Cripple Town my team should be called now. 6 first team players including 2 left midfielders so I'm now playing a youth player at left midfield. We really miss Ian Snodin as no one can take a set piece, we miss Yankov as he is the only player with some intelligence and composure. Miss Sido Jombarti because he was my pace,,,,and so on basically its a different team for next few months because all the fringe players who rarely played now start.
I'm pleased the team as managed to grind some results out.
I don't want to talk about the kidderminster game, all I will say is Grithhis missed a pen on 104 minutes, if snodin was fit then who knows. It does prove that my team is BSP standard as Kidderminster a re good BSP side.

Player of the Month - Sean Hankin, has been a fringe player up until this month, were he has stepped in and been pretty solid at the back, and threat from corners grabbing 3 goals.

Current League Postion 1st


Apr 6, 2009
Paris Cowan-Hall & Richard Duffy, both from Pompey will join you on loan and do a solid job for you. I loaned them both for my first 2 seasons at Havant & Waterlooville and got promoted on two consecutive seasons, currently my Hawks team are mid table in Div 2.