TheMjt's 4-1-1-2-2 goalscoring tactic

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This is my tactic that helped me win the treble with Tottenham.

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The tactic

I have been working on this tactic since I got FM11. It involves getting most players forward to attack. These are the team instructions:

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The roles

GK - Goalkeeper - defend - Aerial Ability, Command of Area, reflexes, one on ones, handling and agility.

DL and DR: Wing Back - Defend - Marking, tackling, team work, work rate, positioning, pace.

DCL: Limited defender - Cover - Marking, tackling, heading, anticipation, positioning, jumping, strength.

DCR: Limited Defender - Stopper - Marking, tackling, heading, positioning, strength, jumping.

DM: Anchor Man - Defend - Marking, tackling, heading, concentration, positioning, decisions, work rate, strength

MC: Advanced Playmaker - Support - First Touch, passing, creativity, technique, decisions, team work, work rate, stamina

AML and AMR: Winger - Attack - Crossing, dribbling, finishing (they will get lots of chances), First Touch, Flair, Off The Ball, Pace

STL: Poacher - Attack - Finishing, first touch, Off The Ball, anticipation, pace, compsure

STR: Target Man - Attack - Finishing, first touch, heading, strength, jumping, anticipation, team work.

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I would like some people to test for me and report back with improvements/suggestions.

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looks decent, any particular team u want me to test it with
I've only tested it with higher league's but no preference really, whoever you want
Sergio Busquets as a Playmaker.??

Hurm looks interesting though
He does very well there for me, just scored against United
I use this Tactic in my Real Jaen game I am currently on a Three game win streak.
I used a similar tactic with atletico madrid last year and I was very happy with my results. I won in my first season the spanish league, spanish cup, euro cup and both super cups. In my second season I won all 6 titles.
Pitch size, Oi, Match Prep,Team talks. Can you tell us please
Pitch size, Oi, Match Prep,Team talks. Can you tell us please

Pitch size - maximum - 101 X 67

OI - I let my assistant do these

Match prep - Team blend - medium workload

Team talks - let assistant do them
looks nice, gonna give it a try soon, when i figure out which team i want to manage ;b
How did you get all them player's?
How did you get all them player's?

By doing the treble :)

Just a quick update, currently on the the quadruple.

Champo League final v Arsenal to play
top of the league - by 3 points with 1 game in hand and 4 games left to play
already won league cup v Arsenal
FA Cup final v Man City