TheRealMourinho's Graphics Portfolio.

loving the avatar's and sig's8-|
would it be ok if i used the torres avatar(6)
Amazing work, can i borrow one of your avatars?
Loving your work :wub:
how did you get so good at making avatars they are awesome, any tips? ^^)
hello lads,
from now on i will not update the OP instead i will post seperate updates :)

25/2 Update :






comments ?
What are the sizes of these avatars?

By the way they are amazing.
That Dzeko sig :wub:

Wish i could make one the exact same as that, would love it to be my sig but i cant do them :'(

This is my sig that i made :L

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Can I steal your Ancelotti Terminator 1?

By the way you should definately do a David Luiz and Ramires avatar... Brazilian Bros! :D
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