Feb 5, 2013
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Ipswich Town Story

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Primary Goals

Start to build a young attacking squad and promotion within 2 years. Transfer policy will be buy youth, loan experience and quality


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My main focus was on CB AND MC, Martin and Ben-Haim both take hefty wages but will start most games, Keane and King the big buys, hopefully in a couple of years they will be Prem Quality. Herd and Mackie both add flexiblity with positions and add quality. Glass is keeper back up, will look in January or next season for a proper number 2 keeper and Devine will go back out on loan, he probably wont come to anything.

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Lost some dead weight and loaned out the good prospects, Chopra can be bought for 350k. would have kept on Lee-Barrett if I knew there wasn't a replacement for him


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Up and down preseason reading was only game with my regular starters so that was biggest let down.

Season 12/13
August 2012

Capital One

Northampton 0 - 5 Ipswich

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Great start for King lower league opposition, but 4 goals on debut is a good start.

Wolves 2 - 3 Ipswich

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King came on after the Doyle goal to grab the winner.

Ipswich 3 - 1 Cardiff
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Gave King a start for the winning goal last game and he comes up with a hatrick, he could have had a few more. He seems to be getting behind any defense and has good aerial presence.

Nottingham Forest 2 -1 Ipswich
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We should have won this after the sending off, Herd is out for 2-3 weeks.

Capital One

Ipswich 2 - 1 Sunderland
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We destroyed Sunderland in the first half, they had 2 shoots and scored one. Great display against Albeit struggling higher league opposition.

August round up

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King and Keane already proving their worth.
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Just the one loss so a very good start hopefully we can push on, We drew Preston in the Capital One Cup so a great chance of getting through to the next round.
This is my first story so any feed back would be great, also first season on fm13. With fm12 carried Ipswich for 30 years winning 20 back to back Premiership titles so have a lot yet to achieve.
I think the OP is good as it is. Formatting is good and information is well given.

It is good enough to raise my interest in following it.
September 2012


Ipswich 2 - 0 Watford
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Brighton 0 - 3 Ipswich

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Lucky result Brighton dominated after the first 10 minutes, moved to counter attack and managed to run away with a good looking win.Main struggle has been possession in the middle of the park. so will look to get someone in January probably a deep lying playmaker.


Ipswich 2 - 1 Leicester

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Bolton 1 - 6 Ipswich

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brilliant display another 3 goals for King, Chambers is out for 4 weeks, but with Herd back so we should be fine.

Capital one
Ipswich 2 - 0 Preston

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Poor performance, King very quite until last minute breakaway.

Ipswich 1 - 1 Huddersfield

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Top of the table clash ended in a dull match.

September Review
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Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Lee Martin have been great lots of goal's and assist's between them. A great month only dropping 2 points.

League table

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October 2012

Burnley 4 - 1 Ipswich
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Awful game, rested a few players and payed for it.

Ipswich 2 - 5 Millwall

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This result was even worst they only had 6 shoots and scored 5 of them. Jay and Mackie both injured in training both out for 4 - 8 weeks


Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 1 Ipswich

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Back to winning ways not a good performance.

Peterborough 1 - 2 Ipswich

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Really didn't think King would be this relied upon so early on.

October review
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Considering the 2 terrible performances, still up near the top. but the worst performance came at the end of the month.

Capital One
Carlisle 1 - 0 Ipswich
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I played a strong squad, but just an awful game moral is pretty low for a team 2nd in the league. This month has shown are lack in depth. Hopefully if still up near the top in January may get a bit more budget to play with.
November 2012


Ipswich 0 - 2 Hull
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No good enough converting chances and seems ever shoot on target is goal for opposition at the moment

Leeds 4 - 2 Ipswich

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Another game where the result looks a lot worst than the performance.

Ipswich 1 - 0 Birmingham

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Scored early on then had no real pressure with the Zigic sending off, would have liked to convert a few more of our chances.

Ipswich 1 - 0 Bristol City

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Good defensive performance King catching them on the break for the win.

Blackpool 3 - 7 Ipswich

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We turned off after 60 minutes but good showing with all the forwards getting in on the action. bringing Ipswich highest scoring game in the championship. Think it also equals our highest scoring game when we lost 9 - 1 to Man United back in the Premiership.

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Ipswich 1 - 1 Middlesbrough

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Last minute goal gets us a point when we deserved all 3. King only out for a week.

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I may think our midfield is our weakest but it seems to fair well this week.

November review

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A big win and quite a few losses but still in a very good position, with 6 teams within 4 points of the top looks like it will go to the last game this season.

December 2012

Blackburn 3 - 0 Ipswich

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Former Tractor boy Rhodes pulled us apart.

Ipswich 2 - 2 Crystal Palace

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Twice the chances and we don't come away with the win. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas is out for 9 weeks after the game.

Barnsley 2 - 2 Ipswich

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Ipswich 1 - 0 Derby

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Ipswich 3 - 0 Wolves

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Cardiff 0 - 3 Ipswich

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3 wins in a row and no goals conceded Starting to re kindle the form of the early season.

Ipswich 2 -1 Nottingham Forest
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Good come back think that could be our first of the season.

December Review

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Great end to the Month beating quite a few of our promotion challengers, making a few changes in January I have cut short the loans of Mackie and Murphy, Neither have been performing great and the wages could be used on bringing in some players for the long term. The chairman has also given me a large wage budget which I will probably go over by 10k and hope we get promotion this season to cover the cost.

January 2013

Watford 0 - 2 Ipswich

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The last game for Daryl Murphy and he gets a late goal.

Fa Cup
Leicester 2 - 1 Ipswich

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Not to sad about going out of the Fa Cup, should keep us freshers for the title race.

Ipswich 0 - 1 Brighton

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Leicester 2 - 1 Ipswich

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Pretty similar game to the Fa cup fixture.

Ipswich 2 - 0 Bolton

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Back to winning ways and pulls us away from Bolton

January Review

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Eve with the bad results we have moved into a strong position in 2nd.

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Keane has been as valuable a buy as King, Really wasn't expecting those two to be commanding first team places.



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Really happy to get Jennings for half Bayern paid for him, Davies adds some more experience and gives the option to play a conventional 4-4-2 or diamond midfield. Went for Wootton after the great success I had with King and Keane from Man Utd reserves, Hope Their presence will help him Settle in quickly. Kennedy was panic loan as Lee Martin was out for a few games and had just let Mackie and Murphy go so was pretty short, He has an option on for me to buy him if he shines.


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Ainsley Contract was up and wanted 5k and Murray's up at the end of the season so let him go early to lose the wages.
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February 2013

Huddersfield 0 - 2 Ipswich

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Ipswich 0 - 0 Burnley

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King out for 9 days.

Millwall 1 - 0 Ipswich

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Went all out for the win in the last 10 minutes and got caught on the counter attack

Ipswich 3 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday

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A good home win after a pretty bad month

February Review
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Still only two points from first, anyone who starts winning constantly could easily run away with it.

March 2013

Charlton 0 - 2 Ipswich

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We took our few chances for a good win away.

Ipswich 1 - 0 Peterborough
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King back fit with a goal, should have been more convincing win, the last 10 the had 4 chances.

Ipswich 0 - Leeds 1

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Even with the early sending off we were still in with a chance. Jay suspended for 3 games.

Hull 0 - 0 Ipswich

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Lucky to get anything from this game.

Bristol City 1 - 1 Ipswich
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Hopefully this late goal wont cost us an automatic qualification spot.

March Review
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Still only one result from top even with the bad run at the end of the month.

April 2013

Ipswich 4 - 3 Blackpool

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Almost lost it from being up by 3.

Birmingham 0 - 2 Ipswich

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Middlesbrough 0 - 1 Ipswich

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A great win Jennings has come in to score some vital goals.

Ipswich 0 - 0 Blackburn

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Crystal Palace 0 - 1 Ipswich

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A great win putting us a win away from winning the league.

Ipswich 1 - 1 Barnsley

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The draw was enough to become champions with a game in hand.

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Derby 4 -1 Ipswich

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played a young team as nothing to lose mainly our keeper let us down.

Season 12/13 review

Final Table
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A great season beat all expectations to take the league, had a lot of help with wolves and hull falling apart at the end of the season.

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Really pleased and surprised how well all my signing went in particular King and Keane. Free agents Ben-Haim and Martin played the most out field alongside Chambers and N'Daw the middle of the park worked out solid with few injuries.

Looking forward to the Premiership
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Season 13/14 Preseason


Build team further and develop scouting network. Avoid relegation and attempt to win Capitol One Cup as the European football will make tempting prospective signings easier. Also to start making a monthly profit in the next 2 years.

Initial budget of 10million the plan is to buy replacements for N'Daw, Luongo and Herd with there loans finishing. will mainly be buying in midfield and also looking for right back, goal keeper and a forward.

Going out hopefully will finally get rid of Chopra., Drury was asking for first team football at the end of the season so ill let him go and Taylor has been a pain moaning anytime you take him off so will look to sell him but will only sell for a good price.



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McArthur should make a good partnership with M Martin in the middle. Cotton eventually will be the star of our midfield in the next year. Tunnicliffe makes up numbers in the middle. Gallifuoco is a flexible player all along the back and DM so give great options. Alcock can play RB and LB. Alexander back for his 2nd spell at Portman Rd he will be reserve keeper after stoke beat us to Ben Amos. Wilson and Barmby come from prem youth systems 4 star potential, Affane another wide attacking player with good potential.
Zaha is the big money big risk, he had a quite and injury prone season at Crystal Palace last season, hopefully he will shine on the big stage. only other option up front was Stephen Fletcher as Sunderland were relegated but they didn't drop any of their valuations so Zaha seemed better value for money.


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only other player that almost left was M Martin as OM offered 3.6 mil, may let him go in Jan if get a better offer and Cotton is ready to step into his place

Preseason Fixtures

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Great preseason with no loses, Zaha is out for first 3 weeks of the season.

Great story so far! Nice, quick and snappy.

Great results as well. I have started a save with Villa (just entering the first December) and might consider getting Josh King if he hasnt been snapped up already as one for the future after Bent goes.

Keep it up!
August 2013


Ipswich 1 - 1 Stoke
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Good start to this season holding onto a point with Hyam sent off after 50 mins.

Cardiff 1 - Ipswich 3

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An important win early on against potential survival opposition.

Capital One
Ipswich 3 - 2 Swindon

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Two of our players from last season scoring against us, We deserved the win.

August Review

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A good start to the season with no loses most of the new signings looking good other than at RB and Zaha back soon.

September 2013

Ipswich 1 - 0 West Ham

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A great last minute winning goal.

Fulham 0 - 3 Ipswich

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Best result yet Zaha debut he played for 60 and got an assist.

Capital One
Ipswich 3 - 0 West Ham

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another great result Jay in good scoring form.

Ipswich 1 - 0 Tottenham

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Biggest opposition yet and we could have won it by 3 with 2 Zaha goals disallowed.

September Review

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The perfect month 4 games 4 wins and goals conceded, we have been lucky with some early relatively easy fixtures, Next game is Man Utd, so that will be our first huge challenge. still problems at RB with Pliatsikas and Alcock not performing well. Pliatsikas not enjoying England so I have sent him home for a bit. may play Ben-Haim at RB with Keane taking hold of the CB partnership with Chambers.
Glad you like it so far, It would be intresting to see if King allways works out good or if i just got him on a hot streak. His vaule is now 2.9 mil.
October 2013

Ipswich 1 - 3 Man Utd

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The run had a come to an end. Byron Lawrence scored his first professional goal coming from our youth system will start him a couple of times in the season has great potential as a box to box midfielder.

Huddersfield 0 - 2 Ipswich

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A good time to meet the bottom club, should boost moral after the Man Utd loss.

Everton 0 - 2 Ipswich

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Stats show we should have never won, took a 2 goal lead early on and sat back.

Capital One
Reading 0 - 1 Ipswich

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Pretty dull game thankfully the penalty stopped it going into extra time.

October Review
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Steadied the ship after the first loss, hopefully with this early good form we should be pretty safe from a relegation battle.

November 2013

Ipswich 1 - 1 Reading

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Similar game to Capital one meeting.

Newcastle 5 - 2 Ipswich
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Our first thrashing, Pilatsikas complained about lack of first team football after being in Greece for 3 weeks. Don't think he will complain again otherwise he is out in January.

Ipswich 0 - 0 Wigan

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Happy to hold on after the sending off, Although it felt like we could have sneaked it.

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King's secret

Swansea 1 - 0 Ipswich

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A shame not to come away with a point.

Ipswich 3 - 1 Chelsea

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After Mata's early goal I was dreading what might happen, shows great spirit to come back and win, Finally get to see Zaha on the score board.

November Review
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A great Chelsea result makes up for the rest of the month, Still in a great position but bear in mind 6 points separate 4th and 13th.

December 2013

Capital One
Man Utd 1 - 2 Ipswich

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Was hoping they would put out a weak team but they were pretty strong, bearing in mind our team is pretty much built out of their leftovers Great for King to get 2 against the club that let him go for 350k.

Arsenal 3 - 1 Ipswich

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Had a weak team only 3 days after extra time at Old Trafford, Arsenal our struggling even with Giroud top goal scorer this season.

Aston Villa 2 - 1 Ipswich

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Tight game still Man Utd and Arsenal games still heavy in the legs before this, highlighted the need for a bit more depth.

Ipswich 0 - 0 West Brom

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whoever choose to televise this game probably got the sack.

Man City 2 -1 Ipswich

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Ben-Haim goal makes our performance look better than it was, last couple of games we have struggled with possession.

Ipswich 3 - 0 Norwich

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View attachment 308983
Derby day and finally Zaha gets some goals, This result pushes Norwich down to 18th.

Liverpool 1 - 1 Ipswich

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Stoke 4 - 1 Ipswich

View attachment 308985
A struggling stoke come from behind to thrash us.

December Review

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View attachment 308987
Still in the top half with half the season gone, not to comfortable yet.

January Preview

Have been given an additional 5.5 mil now with target set for mid table. Will look to bring in a striker perhaps bringing back Conor Wickham or have a young Italian and German on the scouts radar. May also try for a couple more players for depth, haven't had many injuries yet this season but if we get a few in one go it could cripple us.

Not much planned to go out. may let Lee Martin go, he hasnt really stepped up and he could be at his most valuable, Ideally I will bring in someone like Thomas Ince or if Sunderland drop their valuation of Adam Johnson to more than replace Martin.
top stuff, really like this. congrats on the promotion and good luck in the premier league, like you're signings as well, sick of seeing cliched wellington nem etc and also good to see you have a domestic bias. keep it up
Thanks samillyroy, I don't see the point of picking players from forums or list, so have only being looking at players that have been scouted, hence a lot of domestic players. especially as for the first season we could only scout in Europe. I have found it pretty hard to sign players, seems like you have to multiply a players valuation by 10 to get hold of anyone.
January 2014

FA Cup
Millwall 2 - 3 Ipswich

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Put out a weak squad other than up front, so happy with the win.

Capital One
Brighton 0 - 2 Ipswich

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One foot in the final.

Ipswich 0 - 2 Cardiff

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Really disappointing game against a team we should be getting points of at home.

West Ham 1 - 1 Ipswich

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Didn't take full advantage of the extra man.

Capital One
Ipswich 0 - 1 Brighton
(2 - 1 agg)

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A tense last 10 but into the final against Newcastle.

FA Cup
Ipswich 2 - 4 Leeds
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two losses to Championship teams in a row, again quick fixtures showing our lack of depth.

Ipswich 3 - 3 Fulham

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So comterable until the last 15 minutes against a struggling Fulham.

January Review
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Only 2 points from the month, hopefully this bad run dose not last long, only positive is Capitol One final against a beatable Newcastle.

Transfer Review


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Lots of action on deadline day got sunderland down from 9 million to 4.6 but we get 600k as part of his transfer from Ipswich to Sunderland, also signed James Ward-Prowse for 5.5 Mil after Southampton wanting 12, but the deal was an hour too late, so he will join us in June. Had a young Colombian striker fall through because of work permit. Diawara in to give some depth at CB


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Lee Martins deal may have made Ward-Prowse move the over way easier. Pilatsikas was being a pain and not performing, Millwall have the option to buy him for 450k.

February 2014

Tottenham 4 - 2 Ipswich

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Another big loss made to look bearable with some late goals, Wickham debut's with an assist.

Ipswich 5 - 1 Aston Villa

View attachment 309185
Finally a win and a performance.

Man Utd 3 - 0 Ipswich

View attachment 309186
We played well up until their first goal.

View attachment 309187
Alexanders first start will be in the Capital One final, Loach out for 7 days after injury in training.

Capital One Cup FINAL

Ipswich 1 - 1 Newcastle
4 - 3 Penalties

View attachment 309188
What a game, Injury time goal to take it to extra time. Alexander made 3 saves to win the shoot off.

February Review

View attachment 309194
Even with the bad run on the same amount of points as Arsenal, would have differentially taken that at the start of the season.

View attachment 309190
Biggest news of the month.

Player Development

View attachment 309191
Zaha may not be in sparkling form but he is doing enough for his first England call up whilst at Ipswich. Think This will be our first England Cap of my Reign.

View attachment 309192
Lawrence has been given quite a bit of playing time and he has been great, albeit the rest of the midfield not doing well.

View attachment 309193
He can even score.
spot on mate, half the fun is finding unknown quality players for good value so fair play to you. keep up the good work..
March 2014


Ipswich 3 - 1 Everton

View attachment 309497
Great come back win, Helped by Bertrand early dismissal.


Reading 2 - 4 Ipswich

View attachment 309498
Great first half, then just turned off.

Youth Intake

View attachment 309488
First good looking player to come in during my reign


Ipswich 3 - 1 Huddersfield

View attachment 309487


Ipswich 0 - 0 Newcastle

View attachment 309486

Wigan 2 - 3 Ipswich

View attachment 309485
Amazing comeback, Zaha involved in all 3 goals. Cotton out for 3 months, King 4 weeks.

March Review

View attachment 309484
All the young buying is paying off.

View attachment 309483
A great month, lots of tricky fixtures coming up so was good to get a good run in.

April 2014

Ipswich 0 - 1 Swansea

View attachment 309482
Disappointing loss at home, with man advantage for most of the match.


Chelsea 6 - 3 Ipswich

View attachment 309481
Chelsea fire power was to much for us.


Ipswich 0 - 1 Arsenal

View attachment 309480
Missed Penalty cost us a point.


West Brom 2 - 2 Ipswich

View attachment 309479
Great Late comeback to get our only points of the month.

April Review

View attachment 309478
View attachment 309477
Still maintaining a strong position even with the bad run.

May 2014
Norwich 2 - 2 Ipswich

View attachment 309476
A shame not to get the win in the derby.


Ipswich 1 - 4 Man City
View attachment 309475
A bad time to play city they just needed this win and a draw to take the league.


Ipswich 2 - 1 Liverpool

View attachment 309474
Great to finish the season with a win.

Season Review

View attachment 309473
Great season overall, managed to make all my objectives. Borini goal cost us 2 places in the premiership and 3.6mi, but then we took their EURO Cup place. Newcastle had an incredible late run to take 3rd after they appointed Stuart Pearce in December. The other great news Norwich are relegated.

Season 14/15 Preview

GoalsFirst Aim is to get into the EURO group stage and to avoid relegation again aiming for mid table. Will also start building back room up, bringing in more scouts and a head of youth development. We have been making a profit of 2 million a month so will aim to maintain that.

Transfer Targets

I have a budget of 22 Million for next season, but don't plan to bring in to many players. With James Ward-Prowse coming in I am happy with the midfield, will look mainly to bring in a CB, RB and GK. I am very happy with attacking options with 5 players all able to play WR, WL and ST.

no plans for players going out, other than on loan for game time.