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Sep 17, 2005
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Ok i'm going to suggest one last challenge before fm08. Play one season in every european league oon the game and see if you can win the league. Don't care what side you go or how long it takes we will go by who ever wins the most league's and cups wins?

Austria Sturm Graz 4th
Belarus MTZ Ripo 2nd
Belguim Anderlecht 1st Belguim Cup winners super cup winners
Bulgaria Levski Sofia 1st
Croatia Dinamo 1st croatian cup winners super cup winners
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Some of us are too busy to do this. :D
yea playing 55 hours of wow :p your still on it when im up for work in the morning
I've been taking a break recently. Went to bed at 2am last night... only because the WoW servers got shut down.:(
dont think i'll be playin fm agen till 08 comes out
Yeh I think I'm going to finish my current season on 07 and then that's it untill 08 arrives. Only game I've played aswell lol.
uve only played one save game since fm 2007 came out? :eek:
Already done similar Kris, more into our net game though, that time of the year where waiting for newer games
lol, a challenge, wonder what happened to them <_< >_>

i might give it a try but im still into 07 atm, in the year 2015 in my current game :cool:
oh go on i mite aswel giv it a go. so u gta do every single european league?
only the top leagues i think might aswell try them since they are there to be used
Which league you started in Kris and with what team?
went to Autria first and went Srum an **** i thought they were a good side but there religation favs with -3 points. half way through season now and im 4th. 9 behind Salsberg but i cant see me winning it.
im picking up..Austria is a fairly small league with one cup so it has been flying past 10 games left ona great run im 3rd 6 off Red Bull the favs but i would be 2nd if it wasnt for the points deduction
Well Austria was a failure but it was a challenge and i had no idea how badly Sturm Graz had fallen. i managed to get them 4th which was good considering the odds etc but annoyed me so much as i had ok ish players and i dominated alot

my advice is if your looking to win it easy go Salzberg but if you want a challenge go Sturm Graz or one of the Vienna sides.