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Two Managers, Same Outcome


Nov 16, 2013
Hello guys!
This is my first story and hopefully a successful one.
The outline for this story is there are two made-up managers, both unemployed but both
used to be international footballers and I try with all my might to make both managers
Enter manager 1:
Name: Francis Blackwood
Age: 32 Years old
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Playing Experiance: 59 caps, 20 goals
Supports: Shamrock Rovers
Bio: Francis Blackwood is a popular Irish footballer, who recently retired after repetitive serious injuries, he is now hoping to delve into management preferably Ireland or England
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Enter manager 2:
Name: Hans Frettaberg
Age: 35
Born: Reykjavik, Iceland ( but his main nationality is Danish and that's who he played for)
Playing Experiance: 39 caps, 6 goals
Supports No-one
Bio: Hans Frettaberg used to be feared as a defender but injuries cut his international career short, he retired for age purposes and injuries, now looking for management.
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Will update after jobs are taken.


Nov 16, 2013
First update


So where did the legendary Francis end up let's see:
Chariman: Hello Francis, thank you for taking the oppurtunity to see me about this.. vacancy
Francis: Yes well I'm quite intrigued by returning to the Irish league and Sligo Rovers may give me that oppurtunity
Chairman: That's a good attitude obviously you were a very good player internationaly and nationly but as this will be your first step into management how can I trust you to be a successful manager?
Francis: You made a good point I have never managed but I have coached and played in this league and I believe my experiance and ambition are right for this football club
Chairman: Well answered, Sligo is a club overachieving, some say pushing above it's weights. How can you make sure you keep up our over-achieving status.
Francis: I think beleif and a friendly dressing room works for me, maybe a few massages (laughs) but seriously I aim to remove the over-achieving status and make us consistent and successful.
Chairman: Well I beleive massages are a bit over our budget now(laughs) but you have been the best candidate so far, so do you want the job?
Francis: I do (signs contract)

I hope you liked my conversation right there;)
I have already played my first game as when we joined we were already through half the season because it's the Irish leagues. Here is some information on the club
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And the first game was 2 days after I was appointed against Limerick
And we won 3-0, which was a total suprise
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Sligo rovers 3-0 Limerick F.C
Thanks for reading next manager coming tomorrow.


Nov 16, 2013
second update

Hans is more qualified and more experianced so it wasn't long before interviews starting popping up:
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Leyton Orient
I had the oppurtunity to accept hartlepool and Leyton orient but naturally I picked Leyton Orient, good players with potential obviously the owners were impressed
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Some details on the club very interesting, unlucky to miss out on the championship last year due to a defeat to Rotherham but I believe I can pick them up.
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Tactics here
One transfer has been made so far and it's a loan, Ryan Mason
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That's it so far, any transfer ideas would be appreciated for both clubs!