UEFA Champions League last 16.


The trequartista
Oct 4, 2005
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Porto v Chelsea
Celtic v Milan
PSV Eindhoven v Arsenal
Lille v Manchester United
Roma v Lyon
Barcelona v Liverpool
Real Madrid v Bayern Munich
Internazionale v Valencia

Some good football to look forward to there. Looks like Liverpool are leaving early although stranger things have happened before. My guesses on teams to progress are Chelsea, Milan, Arsenal, Manchester United, Lyon, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Valencia.
I predict Chelsea, Milan, PSV. Lille. Lyon, Barca, Real, and Inter
lille?! WTF are you talking about? and the rest i agree with.
the poor lad has an inexplicable anti-utd bias :p We have to go thru against them, no excuse if we don't having failed against them last year.

I reckon Celtic could upset Milan but it will take alot...and i'd love to say Barca will beat the scousers which they should but Bentiez will know how to play them. Not sure about over PSV and ****, or any of them tbh apart from the Russians/Porto were Chelski will almost surely win. A very interesting draw
Chelsea vs Porto - Emotional for Mourinho. Porto won't need any encouragement. Maybe closer than on paper and the first leg should be very important.

Manchester United vs Lille - A statistical nightmare for Ferguson. Lille have won 3 of 4. But surely United are too good.

Celtic vs Milano - Celtic have good memories of playing Milano teams. Until very recently it would be perfect timing to get them. Milano qualified unconvincingly from a very low spec group and have struggled domestically. Celtic go to pieces away. Strachan needs to show them the old footage when Celtic beat Inter Milan and plug the holes in defence.

If Celtic are up for it I can see them going very close to a shock, especially if an Adriano controversy surfaces.

Roma vs Lyon - Lyon have been in scintillating form for 3 seasons, this is their year even without Juhinho. Fred can be rested. Roma position domestically is false.

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. - With Hargreaves Bayern will be better but on all known form they look ordinary this year and I take Real.

Lierpool vs Barca - Another game based on familiarity. Chelsea have beaten them, United have beaten them so why not Liverpool with Benitez getting the better of his old rivals. Arsenal would have beaten them had Almunia been capable of defending between his legs or at his near post. The schedule may get to Barca and Liverpool should have every chance. It may be a game of pride for Liverpool as they employ so many Spanish individuals.

PSV vs Arsenal - PSV to go through as Arsenal will fail to score.

Inter vs Valencia. -Inter to have too many guns.
Good draw and i think the Liverpool Barca game shall be intersting
Few decent matches thrown up, nice work.

Celtic v Milan, Liverpool v Barca, Madrid v Bayern and Chelsea v Porto will be good.
Roma v Lyon sounds welly good.

And whys Romas league position false ?? and whats this adriano controversy ?
Man U should definately go through this year, no messing against a team like Lille. Looking forward to the scousers going out to Barca, hoping that Porto could pull off a victory against Chelski.
Some great matches to look forward to there :D

I'd go for Chelsea, Milan, Arsenal, Man United, Roma, Barca, Real & Inter all to progress tho there maybe a few upsets i think.
Lookin' forward to watchin some Champions League again. It just doesn't feel right having to watch boring FA Cup replays during the week instead of Champions League :D
Some great matches to look forward to there :D

I'd go for Chelsea, Milan, Arsenal, Man United, Roma, Barca, Real & Inter all to progress tho there maybe a few upsets i think.

How dare you pick Roma......that sickens me :( Lyon for the Champ league i rekon.....

Lille vs United game was dull....apart from that they nearly walked off,,,duno what the **** the Lille coach was thinking....legitimate goal tho....

and Lille's goal shouldn't of been disallowed....Vidic (the suposed hard man) went down like a sack of shiz....so should of counted....

thats why i love the French....you can't beat a good walk off/Strike....:D.....classic.....
only saw bits of man u game, but ronaldo looked ****** off when he got subbed
aye...but he didn't play very well....was forced to dribble in his own half rather than further up the pitch.....

but then again no-one played well really.....
yeh it woz poo....but then again that wasn't even their ground...they played at Lens.....because their ground aint good enough..... :p
Moanin French bastards, quarter finals here we come :D

Seems like the Madrid/Munich game was a good un...good to see Arsenal lose as well
We did ok, 0-0 is a decent result, least we;re still in it, despite the fact we've lost last 11/12 away games