Unbeaten Run Finally Comes to an End!

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Jul 16, 2009
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Well, I'm very dissapointed to be on the end of a league defeat for the first time in 50 games!!! I have a rangers file going and we hadn't been beaten since the beginning of the previous season, only to lose at Ibrox against Celtic, despite them only having 3 shots, and us having 15 but hey that's football.
anyone else had any similar unbeaten runs??
I had 64 with fc twente very scappy though but a win's a win
my longest was 41 with man utd but then lost leicester 2-1 :(
64's very decent, especially considering the eredivisie is a tougher division than the spl ha
Well, in my benfica file I never lost in national competitions, only in champions league .
currently on a 72 games winning streak on my barca save <) Top players + top tactics = succes!
well actually, let me just say that 41 of those games were wins as well, very few draws. my record for wins in a row is 16 I believe..
97 games as Arsenal and still going nicely. Best result so far 5-0 against Real. They had one shot at me and i had almost 30.
ikke ha that's incredible. not sure I could ever match that :L
okay, I was just sayin..

Mikes point was that its practically a duplicate thread to others already made, meaning you should have looked around, search bar perhaps before creating one.
yeah I understood his point. I just wanted to tell people about my run cos I thought it was impressive - didn't realise that would be that much of a problem.. if you dont wanna read it then don't lol.
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