Feb 19, 2013
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Yesterday night while having our weekly games night (four of us), one of my friends was kicked out of the server when processing the matchup (and it had to be a game deciding end of season, Chelsea vs Man United). While my brother (Arsenal) was playing against Aston Villa and distraught as 1st half losing 1-0 (Astone Villa home). 2nd half my brother managed a superb comeback and won the match on 3-1 aggregate. But when we all continued to the main page, the results registered Arsenal lost to Aston Villa 1-0 ?!?!?!?!? What the heck!?!?! Sad to say there was no way of doing a screenshot as we all didn't expect this kindof system bug to happen. Anyone has ever faced this???
basically this is a very rare bug where a diffrent match is played is to the one your seeing by the me in the background. And 9 times out of ten there is a diffrent result to the game you are playing. This happened to me i lost 5-4 in the game i saw but the result awterwards was 7-2 or something like that
I've had it Happen to me before but it still registers as the 3 points well it did for me anyways :)