Video highlights of Ryo Miyaichi's Feyenoord debut

Dec 4, 2010
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[ame=""]YouTube - 宮市亮 | 期待の18歳が蘭デビュー | フィテッセ戦のプレー[/ame]

This kid looks like he has real potential. My guess is that Wenger signed him to eventually replace Arshavin on that left wing. He looks like he had a pretty decent debut considering the fact that he only got international clearance on Thursday.
great potential , very good debut ... but look at his speed and agility ... amazing ... he could be one of the best japanese players ever ! just hard work will get him there ....
i fully agree, he will be one of Japanese best players on WC 2014
I am always quite skeptical about judging players by youtube videos, but the truth is that he looks good.
Quick, good technic, and works hard when his team is defending.
what a touch what a finish

what a signing
Could've gone in here, but whatever.

I will judge him after a couple of games, but he seems a decent talent. Bendtner-esque.
:) ty Arsenal for loaning him. Here's tonights game as posted above. I like the 2nd goal as well, but really hoping to see more from Ryo :)

YouTube - Feyenoord - Heracles Almelo THE GOALS (Eredivisie 12-02-2011)

Just needed guys like him. Disgrace at the league at the moment, 14th :( Never been lower

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I would say "The goal is against Heracles" but considering Feyenoord's having a **** season (10-0 to PSV) I think the kid may actually be one of their better players atm and we may get to see a few more in the near future. Hopefully he'll turn out to be a good player, always had a soft spot for the japs.
Nice goal. Good control, nice touch.
Credits to his teammate btw, gret effort to stole the ball up high and assist him.
He seems like great talent. Hopefully Wenger loans him back to Feyenoord next season and maybe one after that. He needs first team action and he gets that in there.
When he comes to Arsenal, I'm definetely calling him Ryu :D
Hes had 2 games in a poor team. BUT ZOMG THIS GUY BETTER THAN MESSSSSSSSSSSSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hes had 2 games in a poor team. BUT ZOMG THIS GUY BETTER THAN MESSSSSSSSSSSSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be silly. He's better than Messi anyway. Whoever Messi is...

Seriously though, probably should go in the Ryo thread - Might be an idea for a mod to merge them?

But.. Looks like a good young player - quick, nice dribbling and good awareness. From what I've heard/read etc. his main problem is decision making etc. like Walcott. Should be able to nurture that though without HUGE pressure..(hopefully there won't be!).

Suggestions at the start it was a commerical move to broaden support in Asia but this kid clearly has something that Wenger has seen.

And tbf, the league he's been playing in is actually a fairly high standard (obviously not comparatively, but for his age) - It's competitive and full of Japan's best prospects, not literally school teams like England!