Virtua Tennis 3(XBOX 360)


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Oct 4, 2005
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I'm not a big tennis fan, I can't sit there through a whole match and stay interested, it's just not a sport I can watch. I can however play it till I drop, tennis has always been fun to play (gaming and actively) for me even though I'm really **** at it. I had a Dreamcast when they released Virtua Tennis 2 on it and it was one of the best sports games I'd played.

The World Tour mode was great for customizing your player and the mini games were just as fun as playing against a friend. The Xbox and PS2 didn't offer much in tennis games so I never bothered with them for too long. Top Spin 2 on the 360 wasn't too clever either. Now Virtua Tennis 3 is coming to 360 on 30th March (and a little earlier on the PS3) and I was wondering who else will be buying it here? It's only the second game to use true HD (first being GRAW2) and has had some great reviews. There isn't too much footage around at the moment but here are 2 gameplay videos from an early September build of the game here at IGN

There is also a demo released on the XBOX Live Marketplace so give it a try, I've just been playing for a good hour. The demo is rather limited but I had fun playing it. Nadal moves round the court so quick, returns everything I throw at him. :eek:
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I love tennis games as well, even though the last one I owned was actually 'Tennis Arena' for the PS1....awesome game :D

I was playing the Top Spin 2 demo earlier and I think I might get it seeing as it's fairly cheap now and I should be able to get a cheap pre owned version or summat.

But i'll download Virtua Tennis 3 demo first and give that a go, if it's really good I might think about buying it :)
I am a big fan of the games and playing it 2 but i hate watching it. My fav tennis game was smash court tennis, il download it and if its as good as that il purchase it :D
It takes a fair few games to get used to it, just remember not to press the slice/top spin buttons too early or you'll dive and leave the COM open for an easy smash point. I've got it on pre-order at because they send games out as soon as they get them in stock whether it's a week or just a day early. They are also a few quid cheaper with free next day delivery if you order before 5pm.
Just been playing the demo there. I have to say it is pretty weak. I'm gonna buy Top Spin 2 instead...and for half the price it is the easy choice :D
Booo, best tennis game around and you're opting for the buggy top spin 2 :blush: ah well, whatever keeps you happy.
Well atleast my player doesn't dive constantly ;)
Not my problem you're positioning is poor and you're pressing the button too early ;)
I'm in the middle of getting this for the PC. I hope I can use the PS2 controller for it... keyboard won't be very fun.
There will be no problem at all using a PS2 controller for the PC version. The game uses the left stick/d-pad to move and aim your shots and the four face buttons for shot types. The shoulder buttons are for controlling your CPU doubles partner (move to baseline, net play etc). Mapping these buttons will be easy and just remember not to press a shot button too early or you will dive more than Robben.
Took me 11 days but I finally have it. It's pretty fun, nice and easy to play aswell. Graphics are also pretty swish, and I don't even have it set to the highest settings. :wub:
The game sucks, it says you're a Rookie when you're clearly a n00b :p
lol Lee do you play against the women?
i have it for psp and its ok..i think it needs to be slightly adjusted to make the game alot better tho!! it is a bit unrealistic also coz u can play against women!
Yeah because women shouldn't be allowed to play tennis...
Generally it's men v men and women v women though, apart from the obvious mixed doubles or special games...

And noone said women shouldn't be allowed to play tennis Craven.
It was just an exhibition match so I could see what the game was like and I thought I'd play against the player who would provide the most eye candy available. :)
Right well I've just got Top Spin 2 for the PC and after only playing it for a while I have to say it's alot better than Virtua Tennis. Virtua Tennis is probably more fun to play but it was really easy and the career mode was a bit rubbish. I think the Gameplay on Top Spin 2 is alot better and there's a wider variety of shots.

Virtua Tennis is alot easier to pick up and play and the graphics are alot shinier but overall I think Top Spin 2 gets my vote.
Yay Top Spin 2 ftw...although I found Top Spin too easy after the first year and a half or so. It just got boring playing the last few years of it as I was just constantly playing Federer, Roddick, Hewitt and Moya.

But yeh the gameplay is tops :D