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Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back! 2021-05-03


Mar 27, 2010

This is for now best target man version works really good with stronger teams.

For smaller teams all depends if you have strong target man with decent mobility.

target man needs to be good all round striker

ty alot to Babemocni who done alot of testing

this is not final version I hope to improve it more in near future
TM like Vlahovic?
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Apr 21, 2021
@vujevic Bro, your 5212 is still overpowered for mid teams. It works also if you don’t have good target man like the last one. And works better than the Ancelotti one cuz of the 3 man defence.
I win the double with Fiorentina in the first year! Only 1 defeat against Juventus (in home) for 2-5 (I was losing 2-3 at 75’ so I use a super offensive tactic and I take 2 goals more). In away I win 17/19 matches. I got only 2 draw against Juventus (2-2) and Udinese (1-1). I lost some points in home with some stupid draws but in the final the season is fantastic. I got some incredible win in away in Serie A (Lazio 0-3, Inter 0-3, Napoli 0-1, Milan 0-2, Atalanta 0-3, Roma 0-2 for a total of 0 goals conceded against the best teams in Italy in away so I conceded 2 only against Juventus). In Coppa Italia I defeat Juventus 1-2 in away!! Lazio 1-2 in away and 1-0 in home and in the final I win 2-0 against Atalanta!
In total I conceded 23 goals in 38 matches and 5 in the same match against Juventus. So 18 goals conceded in the other 37 matches! Incredible strong defence.

USEFUL INFO FOR THIS TACTIC: first of all I try a season with Fiorentina without buy or sell nobody and using the original team. I finish in second place after Juventus. But only because there were some players not good for the tactic (Vlahovic has a good potential but is slow, in defence Milenkovic is good but Caceres is too much short and Pezzella is too much slow).
In the second try I sell useless players for the tactic (Vlahovic, Eysseric, Olivera, Borja Valero, Pezzella, Caceres, Quarta, Venuti, Montiel and Kokorin) and I buy useful players (Armstrong, Ruidiaz, Demir, N’diaye, Dodo, Frabotta, Caleta-Car and Ahmedhodzic and also Garay for 0€). All the players that I buy are cheap, no big players (Armstrong 10kk, Ruidiaz 4.5, N’diaye 4, Frabotta 4.5, Ahmed 7.5). I pay more (around 15/20kk) only for Demir, Car and Dodo (Dodo comes only in Jenuary) but I sell good my players (Quarta 13, Vlahovic 10, Pezzella 10 and the others around 5kk except of Caceres and Borja).

Key attributes for me for this tactic: fast strikers with dribbling and flair, flair and passing for shadow striker (pace not so much important here), good all-around cm (tackling 13+, passing, determination, team-work), pace stamina tackling cross for cwbs, 3 tall defenders with good tackling (14+), jumping (15+), position and concentration (both 13+) and pace (12+). For me Ahmed score 9 goals and Milenkovic 7.

Screen Shot 05-02-21 at 05.56 AM.PNG


Screen Shot 05-02-21 at 05.57 AM 002.PNG

Screen Shot 05-02-21 at 05.55 AM.PNG


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Jan 1, 2016
Bolonga was played all league games, previous tests was mainz instant result, and werder holiday mode. All tests done simillar, all 2nd places which is huge overachievement
Which kind of player do you suggest as TM? More phisical or more goalscoring?


Nov 4, 2012

example of modern target man

old school shot with power combined with good mobility ,strenght balance bravery finishing composure and off the ball.


May 23, 2018
Perfect team for TM tactic is Atalanta and Inter,strong and fast TM and so many options in the middle,fast and good wingbacks and brilliant BPD-s.-no needed for any shortlists just put those two teams as one and you will have unbeatable machine 👊