Want to work on Football Manager?

just read the scope :) good luck to those who do, sounds like a fun job
This would be insane.. But I don't think I've got the balls to even apply :p
That would be an awesome summer job, but since I don't live near London - or even in England for that matter - I'll leave the applying to someone else. Too bad it's limited to 37.5hrs a week + overtime :p
was seriously thinking about it, but the idea of moving down to London and working 37.5 hour weeks wasn't for me. plus i don't want to miss the champions league qualifiers home and away for Celtic..whoever applies, best of luck and i'm sure it'll be a **** of a lot of fun
I would apply if i didn't live in Denmark... and if i didn't already have a job...
You got me. :p

Hehe, the scandinavian countries, really do have a love/hate relationship to each other.
Admit it, you're just looking for a reason to move a place where people actually understand each other :p
It's ironic that a Norwegian TV channel made this, since there are two variants of the Norwegian language. Bokmål which is a Danish dialect and Nynorsk, which is actual Norwegian and completely incomprehensible for other Scandinavians :)
Just to show that I have self-irony, have you seen "Bedstefar og jeg"? I thought Swedes were completely humorless until I watched this. ;)

Sorry for being off topic.
I applied , just hoping they have some housing project as im living in the netherlands :)

Or is there maybe some cute girl age 25ish+ who would love to have me ?
Are the game testing vacancy still open? Is it paid and what sort of things would we do?
oh SI why do you have to be so far away :'(