West Ham beat Tottenham to Olympics Stadium


Oct 31, 2010
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West Ham win Olympics race

Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) executives have decided the offer from the club is a better solution than the rival bid from Tottenham.

The OPLC board will be asked to support the view at a meeting on Friday, when it is expected to confirm West Ham as its preferred bidder.

The government and London's mayor, Boris Johnson, will then take a final decision in the coming weeks.

It would be a surprise if ministers and the mayor overturn OPLC executives, who have spent the last few months discussing the various plans with both clubs in detail.

West Ham are happy for the athletics track to be kept in the stadium and for the venue to be used for a variety of sports and concerts.

Tottenham's plans were to dismantle the stadium in Stratford and build a new football ground in its place.

The Spurs proposal has faced huge criticism from the athletics world, MPs and the public.

A recent BBC London poll suggested 81% of Londoners were against the proposals to rip up the athletics track.

The ComRes phone poll, carried out between 21 and 23 January, also suggested 72% of people in London wanted West Ham to get the stadium, with only 13% supporting Tottenham.

Ministers and the mayor are understood to be well aware that the Tottenham option would have been a "hard sell" to taxpayers.


Probably cos of all Karen's ******** :p
Spurs would off got rid off the running track, and West Ham said they would keep it.
Poor decision, Tottenham should have taken it, and it will come back to bite West Ham surely if they don't actually rise as a Premier League team - something they are actually struggling to grasp.
And Gold & Sullivan's reason for buying West Ham is completed...

they will sell the land that upton park sits on for an absolute PACKET!

Great business there gentleman, its what your good at after all.
Probably because they'd get slated for racism after Karen Brady's appeal.
They can't even sell out there current stadium in a cup semi final. Good luck selling that out in the championship.

West Ham may well be championship club by then. A championship club playing in an 80,000 seat stadium. How peculiar.
Question, wonder if they'll go along with this if West Ham get relegated this season.....
Anything that ****** Redknapp off is a-ok with me! Tottenham are getting cocky anyway, turning into bellends. West Ham ftw
Should have waited to see if West Ham got relegated first :S What good is a big stadium in the championship?
Psh. They're still Stratford Hotspur in my eyes.