West Ham beat Tottenham to Olympics Stadium

Good decision, much better for the environment, and the community =).
If West Ham stay in the premier league then it will be a good decision but if they don't then giving them the stadium will be pointless. Having a championship side play at the Olympic stadium would hardly be an Olympic legacy.
Essentially, half the ground will be empty (probably more if they get relegated) And on that basis, they must have made a bad decision.

Let's remember that the tax payer contributed towards building the stadium so it would be ridiculous for Spurs to just knock it down straight away. The Olympic committee were assured that the stadium would be used for Athletics so if we knocked it down, it would dampen are credibility not only with Olympic committee but other world governing bodies.

It's ideal for West Ham on paper because they will be able to charge cheaper tickets because they have a bigger ground therefore attracting bigger attendances. That may not necessarily happen in practice though. It will be interesting to see where West Ham find themselves in the years to come but if they do get relegated, Gold and Sullivan will ensure that they get back up quickly.

I'm glad Spurs didn't get it considering the amount of money and time that has been put into the current stadium. I'm sure Levy would of loved it though.
Cue Naive West Ham... claiming they will fill the stadium or get way over half :$
Question is who has more chance of filling the stadium IMO. Not wether or not they will rip up the Track. If that was the problem they should have just implemented the track MUST stay i'm sure they wouldn't have pulled out.
Tottenham made it completely clear that they felt it 'ruined the atmosphere' of football to have athletics
Will be the best stadium in the Championship.
Go ahead and take it, I could careless. To be quite honest I would rather be at the lane than become the Stratford Spurs, we would be the laughing stock of the Premier League. There is something to be said for stadiums with history anyways and it is a shame to see all of the historic stadiums becoming a thing of the past.
Epic fail West Ham they don't even know if they will be staying up in the premiership
This for definate? West Ham spokesperson was on radio just over an hour ago saying it wasn't
Epic fail West Ham they don't even know if they will be staying up in the premiership

So what? Brighton have a massive stadium and they're not even in the Championship.

Very happy with this, as it means that Crystal Palace can move out of our large but shabby home at Selhurst Park and into our spiritual home in Crystal Palace Park. It will be an emotional moment, I look forward to it.
Don't say such things.

lol. probably just sayin that though as theres prob some finer details that need workin out or something. And it was David Gold who said it aswell. something to do with wating for something official
Im very happy with this too. If this ****** of Levy and Dirty Harry then it's even better.
All well and good West Ham getting the stadium, but whats the point and why do they even need it if they cant fill Upton Park.

Understandable Spurs fans resentment against leaving it, Id hate for Leeds to leave Elland Road, though that wont ever happen, we have plenty of land if redevelopment plans ever come to fruition.
Shocking! I'm guessing all the spurs fan will be happy about this, **** I was looking foward to them becoming hypocrites...