What roles & duties are best for my players?

What is the best position/role for Stephan El Shaarawy? I signed him for £21m in January 1st season at Spurs, Now in October 2013 and i just cant get him going. Any Suggestions?
@tottenhamboi - IF on the left wing.. any other wing-play except for hug the line..
Managing Stoke second season. Playing 4-1-2-1-2 and i play a poacher attack and complete forward support. Last season i played Maupay and kweuke who were awesome but this year i have Maupay, Kweuke, Ferreyra or Adrain to chose from. Who are the best to suit these roles? Is it possible to play Maupay and Ferreyra? Is complete forward best suited for these players?
What is the best position/role for Stephan El Shaarawy? I signed him for £21m in January 1st season at Spurs, Now in October 2013 and i just cant get him going. Any Suggestions?

AML Inside Forward on Attack.
Wilshere is a great AP Attack and also AM Attack so it's supposed in his position on the field,Gotze is AP Attack and Koke is DLP Support

can wilshere or gotze in iniesta role ??

whats best position for iniesta MC/AMC/AML ???
I play 3 up front 1 poacher and 2 cf, I have benteke, giroud and dzeko which who is would be better as the poacher?
i play gotze on the right..in order for him to cut in and take shots......In 4231 formation.....Buh using this tactic leaves him injury prone......
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