Dec 11, 2010
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Not just restricted to FM11. Any FM. Mine was in my second season of FM10 (my first FM) and I won the FA Cup with Arsenal. 2-2 and we won on penalties ;)
My 1st fm "adventure" was on FM 2010 and it was the best until now:

Porto 2009/2010 - 2010/2011 won EVERY national trophy and lost both times champs league in semi finals
Chelsea 2011/2012 - 2012/2013 Won 1 EPL 2 Fa Cups and the Champions League
Man Utd 2013/2014 - 2014/2015 Won Uefa Cup , and 1 Champs league, 1 carlsberg cup, 1 EPL and 1 Fa Cup
probably the league cup or football league trophy in 05.

cant remember that far back
Been playing FM/CM since 01, so not entirely sure.

FM11, League Cup.
in FM 10, playing as Everton in 3rd season, beating Man Utd 1-0 aet FA Cup Final. Never punched the air so much in my life. Nearly dislocated my shoulder punched that hard lol
Uhh, i can't remember my first ever trophy on FM..

But on 11 it was League 2 with Wycombe. :)
Can't remember. It was on CM 03/04 though.
From FM09-11 Its Has Been The Paint Trophy. LMA Manager 2000 I Won The Coppa Italia First I Think On The PS1(H). Cant remember any older FM's for some reason
FM2011, 2010-11 - Coupe de la Ligue (followed by French Cup, UEFA Europa League, and Ligue 1) as Montpellier Hérault SC.
3rd division with hull on cm 03/04 i think not sure, freddy adu aged 14 scored for fun
fm09 premiership with arsenal
fm10 world cup with england
Johnstone's Paint Trophy :wub:

Jo Kuffour slotting the ball into the net with 5 minutes to go was a truly magical feeling !