May 12, 2010
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hey guys i started this thread because i want to start a LLM save and i do not know which team to start with???i have the follwing issues to fill:
1)Blue square bet league or N power 2 participant***
2)noticable history
3)great facilities that can help me to the top***

i have asked several times to threads but no responce,thank you in advance!!!
Do you know what LLM means? Look it up.

Also, what team that has '***Top Facilities***' that is considered LLM.
Telford but they're blue square north you could go Wimbledon

Blyth ? (As you are a fan)

though Luton are probably the best as it sounds you don't want much of a challenge :(
anyway,any suggestions????????

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got bored with blyth...started with luton but they start with budget under zero....
Thats the point of llm challenging yourself most clubs start with no budget sign players on free's that what i do
Oh rite i thought you meant when they give you a transfer budget at the start of the season
Transfer budget cant be red. You mean your FINANCES go to red / or at red when you start. Well thats not bad thing if you get takeover.
I'm AFC Wimbledon atm, good board, good players and a really good transfer budget!!
I'm AFC Wimbledon atm, good board, good players and a really good transfer budget!!

thought about wimbledon but the shirts have the FM logo and i really hate the shirts....stupid reason,i know....LOLXD
start off unemployed with a few different leagues loaded. set your past exp. as sunday league and go on holiday and set it to apply for all jobs, and then who ever you get the job as (eventually) then be them.