Dec 12, 2009
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hey guys,
this is my first ever story even though i've been on this site for a long time.
please be kind and i hope you enjoy my story


- André Villas Boas Caught Cheating On His Wife !


" Villas Boas caught doing hand signs to his secret lover"

- Villas Boas a former Chelsea and Inter Milan coach, 33 was caught leaving an unkown misstress' house with no pants last night.
When asked "
o que está acontecendo, senhor?" (What is goin on Sir ?)
He answered "
chatear você stalkers." (**** off you stalkers.)
It later was confirmed that tommorow we will have a live press confernence from the
Estádio do Dragão.


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- "We are live from the
Estádio do Dragão for this Press Conference, although we are waiting on confirmation on the current whereabouts of Mr Villas Boas after he was shot at the airport with his luggage leaving Porto."


- "However it looks like the Press Conference will go on as club chairman Pinto da Costa has entered the room."

Pinto da Costa said:
Good Morning Everyone and thank you all for coming here, I'd like to start by confirming that Andre Villas Boas has left the country and in doing that has left the club.

Journalist said:
So is there any word on the whereabouts of Mr Villas Boas ?

Pinto da Costa said:
No we have no idea as of now, and we plan to keep it private should we get any information.

Journalist 2 said:
So who is the new porto manager ?

Pinto da Costa said:
As of today we would like to annouce that the new Futebol Clube do Porto manager is none other than club legend Mr Fernando "Bi-bota" Gomes !


Fernando Gomes said:
Hello Everybody,
I am proud to return the club which played such a massive part in my career.

Journalist said:
Welcome Sir,
What are your plans for the club ?

Fernando Gomes said:
Well I am here now so we will be playing a very attacking formation and there should be no problems
winning the league and cups, after all I am Bi-bota.

Pinto da Costa said:
That will be all the questions for today, thank you


"Mr Bi-bota during his playing days"

:) (H)

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This chapter will be told through the eyes of Fernando Gomes :)

Transfers, Tactics & Pre-Season.
Transfers :
The Estádio do Dragão welcomed four new faces to the club this month,


173 cm
69 kg
Brought from
Corinthians for 10m.


Marco Verratti:
165 cm
60 kg
Brought from Pescara for 700k.


Lucas Digne
184 cm
76 kg
Brought from Lille for 2m.


Khouma Babacar
191 cm
85 kg
Loaned from Fiorentina for Whole Season.

Elias will be rotating with Fernando in the DM position,
Verratti will be back up for Moutinho in the Playmakers Role,
Digne will be mainly in the reserves and U/19 for this season and
Babacar will be 3rd back up for the strikers role.


Tactics :

Well everyone knows that i like scoring, so my tactic will
match that. I am going for a very attacking tactic that creates loads of chances. This is proven by my pre-season stats shown below. The attacking trio of Rodriguez, Falcao and Hulk are very important to this tactic.


Here is my SuperTaca Match against Benfica


As you can see lots of shots and chances created by my team.

Pre-Season :
A quiet pre-season with only 4 games being played, i am pleased with all the results considering most of the time we were playing a second string team.


A View from "Bi-Bota".
"Pre-season has been a great time : new players, new team and most importantly new trophies to win.
It started very well by receiving some praise from none other than Jose Mourinho,
he stated that he wanted to congratulate me and knows i can win trophies.
From that news i realised that now it was time to knuckle down and talk tactics
and as every good manager does you play to your strengths.
Porto's strengths being 3 world class forwards 2 great full backs and
a playmaker that can spray a pass anywhere he wants.
So i decided to set up a 4-5-1 tactic with 2 inside forwards and a target man.
The way we play will be a direct, yet entertaining way,
with lots of shots and lots of goals. Winning the SuperTaca was a great way to show how
good we really are. 21 shots to 7 in our favour,
and with that i leave you for now.

:) (H)
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Some reaaly good signings mate, for the future ! keep up the good work :)
did a mish with porto recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. played a diamond or 4-3-3 and dominated. hulk, if you get him playing right, is unstoppable
AUGUST 2010 :

Porto 3-0 P.Ferreira
Liga ZON Sagres


A great start to the new season for the club and me.
We dominated from the start and won deservedly.
We should have scored more considering we missed a pen and they got 2 reds, but for the first game of the season
i'll take it.

Randers FC 1-3 Porto
EURO Cup 4th Qual. Rnd Leg 1


"A great victory for the boys especially away from home.
We started the game very fortunate with an own goal,
but we went on with it at got a second goal soon after.
The only poor point of the game was the soft goal we conceded."

Porto (5)2-0(1) Randers FC
EURO Cup 4th Qual. Rnd Leg 2


Another good win and another great performace by Falcao.
We absolutely "strangled" Randers FC with our forward pressure,
they barely even got passed the half way line let alone take a shot (as shown below).


Porto 3-0 Beira-Mar
Liga ZON Sagres


Not much to say about this match,
we played well and deservedly won comfortably.
The attacking three really are working well together and getting lots of goals
hopefully we can keep this up.

August Overview :
Games Played : 4
Games Won : 4
Games Drawn : 0
Games Lost : 0
Goals Scored : 10
Goals Conceded : 1

:) (H)
Nice update mate :) Just three things I think you should do . First - GET RID OF MARIANO GONZALÉZ,
Second - Sell Christian Rodriguez, he is a wage sponge at FC Porto, offload him, and finally, start either James Rodriguez or Silvestre Varela on the left :) Keep up the good work bud ;)
Very nice story so far mate, also I recommend you try to steal Renatinho from Portimonense, he's by far their best player and will be available for less than £1.5 million, 3 seasons into my game in Portugal, he's the top scorer in the Portuguese league :)
thanks everyone for the comments, much appreciated. Nuno - I love christian rodriguez he's beast on my save and i cant get rid of mariano, no one wants him. Jay Pricey - im happy with my current strike force but will keep an eye out for him.


Rio Ave 0-4 Porto
Liga ZON Sagres


The month of september started as the previous finished, with yet another dominant win, this time at Rio Ave. Two first half goals from Hulk and Falcao killed off the game as a contest and we went on from there.

Porto 1-0 Onomoia
EURO Cup Group I


I'm slightly dissapointed with this result considering we had 23 shots and only scored one. Nevertheless we won and in the end thats all the matters.

Porto 4-0 Olhanense
Liga ZON Sagres


Absolute dominance from the boys, the front three again destroying the opposition's defence and the game was capped off with a first Porto goal to young Khouma Babacar.

CSKA Sofia 1-4 Porto
EURO Cup Group I


A great performance by the boys was marred by the very ugly injury to Falcao which looks like a serious one, although the physios have not confirmed anything
. However great signs were shown by Hulk to stand up after Falcao was injured and score a brace. After the match i gave a special mention to the man for his performance.




We have recieved breaking news regarding the injury to Porto Forward Falcao. He suffered the injury in Porto's latest game against CSKA Sofia. He went down holding his leg in what looked to be a serious injury. We can now confirm that it was a broken leg and he will be out for 5 to 6 months. This is a major blow to Gomes' Men who were in great form.



September Overview :
Games Played : 4
Games Won : 4
Games Drawn : 0
Games Lost : 0
Goals Scored : 13
Goals Conceded : 1

:) (H)

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****, not Falconito :( At least you have Hulk mate! Keep up the good work buddy :)
October 2010:

Maritimo 1-1 Porto
Liga ZON Sagres


Bad start for life without Falcao, we had less possesion and were poor infront of goal. Hopefully we can move on quickly before we fall behind in the league.

Porto 4-0 Electrico
Taca de Portugal 3rd Rnd


A great response to the dropped points, with an absolute demolition of Electrico. We held them to only 1 shot the entire match. Also great signs for the youth with Khouma Babacar and Marco Verratti having a great game.

LOSC Lille Metropole 2-0 Porto
EURO Cup Group I


A very dissapointing night in France, resulted in my first loss as Porto manager.
Credit to Lille they saw how we played and countered it perfectly, restricting us to only 1 shot on target. The loss leaves us second in the group to Lille.

Porto 3-0 Nacional da Madeira
Liga ZON Sagres


Good recovery to the mid-week defeat. Christian Rodriguez again brilliant, this time with a brace. Fernando's injury the only low point in what was otherwise a good game for the boys.

Leiria 1-2 Porto
Liga ZON Sagres


Poor Performance despite the victory, really should have won by more especially considering that they are the bottom team. However a win is a win and i will take it. Walter and Ukra both opening their accounts for the season.

October Overview :
Games Played : 5
Games Won : 3
Games Drawn : 1
Games Lost : 1
Goals Scored : 10
Goals Conceded : 4

:) (H)

November 2010:

Porto 2-2 LOSC Lille Metropole
EURO Cup Group I


Very ****** off about this result, we took the lead after 12 minutes after a freak goal by Fucile ( shown below ) and then Babacar followed it up 4 minutes later. Then came the down fall, first conceding at 24 then at 82.
[ame=""]YouTube - Porto vs LOSC Lille Metropole - Fucile Goal 12th minute[/ame]

Porto 6-2 Vit. Setubal
Liga ZON Sagres


Great Performance by the boys, but the two goals we conceded were soft and inexcusable. Also the fact the we had less possesion was dissapointing aswell. But encouraging signs for Walter who scored his second league goal in a row.

Sporting CP 1-1 Porto
Liga ZON Sagres


The biggest test so far for my Porto side, and it ended in a fair result. Moutinho opened the scoring and Liedson finished it. Both teams could have won, but missed vital chances. Only if we had Falcao.... ;)

U.Madeira 0-2 Porto
Taca de Portugal 4th Rnd


New signing Elias finally got off the mark in todays win. We played some great football without the "big players" which shows the great depth this football club has. The injury to Khouma Babacar meant we now have to go to 3rd choice striker Walter. I also realised I cannot play Lucas Digne until the next registration because i forgot to register him.

Porto 7-0 Academica
Liga ZON Sagres


An absolute master-class from Hulk provided us with our biggest victory of the season. It also rocketed him to the top of the Porto Goal-Scorers Table. 2 clean sheets in a row is very nice extra. This win leaves us top of the table, equal on points with Braga. (29)

November Overview :
Games Played : 5
Games Won : 3
Games Drawn : 2
Games Lost : 0
Goals Scored : 18
Goals Conceded : 5

:) (H)

Nice :) I always seem to get those fluke goals scored against me :( anyway unlucky with the injuries, at leats yur still scoring though :)
hey lads sorry for the inactivity,
i have been trying to make a tactic as some of you might have noticed.
i will try and have an update up ASAP :)