Who's the next manager to be sacked?


Dec 7, 2008
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Seems as there is a race, and daily mail cover it quite well here:


Front Runners are:


However, who does everyone think will be the next sacking? Also who does everyone want to be the next sacking? Discuss..

Personally I think and want Grant to be sacked right away, although we got good points over the christmas period, the performances did not warrant those points won. Lucky to beat Fulham however expected as we were away, very lucky to get a point against Everton, and lucky 3 points at Wolves which could have gone any way. And finally, last nights display .. say no more. Leon Best who?!
Avram Grant or none of the managers listed , i can see the likes of Roberto Martinez going
Grant will be next. Want Houllier to go as I like Villa and they shouldn't be where they are.
I hope every one of you are right with Grant going! :D

I want Ancelotti to go, seeing Chelsea in more turmoil would just be class
If Liverpool lose to Man Utd, then I think Roy Hodgson is gone. But, Ancelotti too could be gone especially after that poor showing against Wolves.
I think it will be Hodgson but i dont want that to happen.
think hodgson want wenger i no there is no way it will be him but i'd love to see the look on his face
Hodgson should be given more time, but I don't see it happening. Saying that I reckon Houllier could be next, Villa fans are not sounding happy.

Also outside bet on Kean, that woman they've brought in seems pretty mental.
It won't be Hodgson, all of you are hoping but he won't get the sack.

Avram to go for me, It's just not worked out for him at all.
But I mean what were West Hams expectations coming into the season? They just want to stay up; and if he can keep them floating just above the drop zone he'll survive until the summer I think. I do think he's a pretty poor manager, and they could have gotten someone better in, but I think he might scrape by.
Definintely Hodgson. Apparently gone today.
A bad result vs United and Hodgson will be gone i think.

Meanwhile failure to pick up 100% points from Blackburn and Bolton may say ancelotti shown the door, but if Chelsea lose to Ipswich his departure will be imminent i think.

Houillier has until a few games after this transfer window to save his job. Save with Grant i think.