Feb 9, 2011
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Drawn 3/5 league games. 2 penalty shoot-outs thus far this season in my created cups. Thats 5/7 draws really. I normally play 442, but in tactic 2 slot after 6 games, i made a 3412 formation as the other team 'plays well against 442' and i dont score/concede many. Well i was winning 2-1 in my last match then the other team scored, so thats 5 games drawn out of 7.

And why hasnt my signature been updated?
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you clearly need to change things around mate :) are you trying to play fluid or very fluid and attacking? is it your 1st season at your club?

I have had some slow starts as well, its better than losing mate :)
1st season. I won my last 2 games. Ill update my signature at end of every month. Im playing very rigid. Im in tier 9 with Mile Oak. Im scoring lots more now :)

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perhaps you should work on attacking set pieces in match prep and get some goals that way?
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Because you're not scoring more goals than your opponent.
Why am I drawing?
Cos your holding a pencil ;)

Try playing a more attacking mentality or even change your tactic completely
ma barca team draw to many games as well has cost me the league 3 years running :(
Im trying to 'blend team' first. Im doing :) in last 2 games. Going to play now and i let you know if i need help. Thanks for the help. Btw, im not 14th anymore and i forgot to update my scorers lol :)