WP for banning Lloyd

How Long Should Lloyd Be Banned For?

  • He Shouldnt be banned at all !

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • 1 Month

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • 3 Months

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Forever!?!?!

    Votes: 15 62.5%

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Sep 18, 2005
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Good to see one of ya has eventually banned Lloyd, I was about to start a campaign <_< >_> :pleased:

His posts were becoming absolute spam and absolute *****, and he was ruining certain threads and being a ***** towards other members. The forums will be better without him.
It was me that done it...again. But Sean will likely overturn the ban, he has done a lot in the past, he even said on irc

[12:01] <Gregor> i banned lloyd btw
[12:01] <Gregor> for a month
[12:01] <Sean> lol
[12:01] <Gregor> :O
[12:02] <Gregor> ur not gunna overturn it as per?
[12:03] <Sean> meh
[12:03] <Gregor> u suck
Yeh cos "meh" means "yes I am going to overturn it" :rolleyes:
About time, though i thought fmbase was closing yesterday!

The guy was a ***....is he banned from irc?
Thank God :D

Why did you ban him in the end Greg?
He has like 7 infractions or summat, and then he posted a nother 5 posts all which I could have warned so I just banned him, also the fact he said he wasnt going to stop, also he admited on mirc he was just doing it to see what we would do
Voted forever, the fact that his sig was both racist and insulting to me..im not a basterd am i ? :p DONT ANSWER :rolleyes:
he wil probably just make another account and pretend not to be him you know
1 month, place been dead since he left :p...
Shouldn't be banned at all, obviously this forum doesn't believe in free speech. There are reasons for Lloyd's behaviour towards "people" on here, which happen to be moderators i.e gregor and kris who happen to take the **** out of Lloyd, but then can't stick it when he gets persoanl with them. Spineless twats.
Well played banning Ad too :)

Lloyd deserved everything he got.
Yay ive been gone for a week and hes still banned. WP!!

WP ttm for bannin Ad aswell,who was usually like Lloyd ure gay,but isnow like 'Im gay with him'. Wtf is he on about, free speech.And both of em broke the forum rules repeatedly and such. NOOBS!

Also,ShaunB appears a bit of a gimp aswell,who writes worse than txt speak and goes off topic all the time!
The site was becoming a bit of a joke with them posting clearly little 12 year old chavs with no life.

Gregor and i did not bully Lloyd he had it coming the way he spoke to us, were not just going to sit back and let people insult us.
haha 12 year old chavs wooooooo i wonder how many ppl call us tht <_< i dont think they should of been banned cos they have the right to say what they want n who u callin a gimp ya ****** ****! :pleased: yawn redders u fool..still on ere at ur age *****
Look at the three people above your posts ages.

Look at BOTH the admins ages

Infact, in this thread, most are 18, or about to be. Why are you here?

4 posts left :).


Woo hes banned. I pwn.
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Sigh, Just can't be arsed with idiots like that.If i was a *** and got banned from a site i wouldnt put the effort into re joining and abusing people some more