Apr 18, 2013
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Bringing back the Liverpool glory day's

Ok so i have decided to do my first story and i have always wanted to try and bring back them awesome European nights back to Anfield so i might as well have a crack at it here.

  • I am looking at concentrating on bringing players through the youth when i can to make it more interesting
  • I like to play formations similar to 4-5-1 or 4-2-1-2-1 so i will be using franky4fingerz 433 dominator tactic and see how i go with that
  • I will update this a lot as i am just finishing college so between that and job searching i will do what i can on this
  • 1st target is to get back to the champions league and build the clubs rep back up
​Hope you all enjoy this and please let me know if there's something i can do to make this story better :)

First day

So I'm not being given any transfer budget so it seems I will have to sell to buy

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Will be appointing Ray Wilkins as my assistant manager this guy did a awesome job at Chelsea in the past also have offered contracts for new youth manager and coaches i like to have high quality youth leaders to get the best out of the youngsters.

Getting to the friendly's which i will let my assistant take to speed things up a bit. will update transfers (if there is any) when they happen.

Nothing in yet although i have placed both Jordan Henderson and Stuart Downing on the transfer list i feel we have a lot of young talent in these positions and want to use them rather than these 2. I am looking to bring in a DM so any suggestions are welcome but i am looking at Will Hughes from Derby.

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We have done well in pre-season a few of the younger players on the score sheet and we are playing really good football and as a bonus passed the Europa league qualifiers with flying colours.

We are now approaching our first league game of the season and hoping to get off to a good start i will update this once the first months games are over.

​And to add to this we haven't conceded a single goal which is a good positive.

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Unbeaten August:

A good start unbeaten so far in league and cup i have brought up Jack Robinson a left back from the youth and using him as a back up for jose and also brought up Ryan McLaughlin a right back to step in for Glen Johnson when ineeded.

We seem to be doing fine in defence but struggling to get goals in the league so i may make 1 or 2 changes to get more goals.

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Next up spurs wigan newcastle and villa. Close to the transfer window ending hoping to sell downing and Henderson and bring in a new CM