Jan 15, 2010
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i have found a previous thread entitled sanogo or lukaku but the question is more about the guys arsenal team as he also says
Another dilemma for me is Arshavin. He's 30 now and he had the worst year ever for me in fm. I'm able to buy Pastore who seems ideal in my formation. Do you think i should sell Arshavin and buy Pastore??
so most posts were about the arshavin thing

so what do you think then
Romelu Lukaku or Yaya Sanogo?
Lukaku for me. Everytime I buy him he is excellent.
Definitely Lukaku. He's incredible. Poacher, Target Man or Complete Forward.

No matter which, he scores bags loads of goals.
does anyone have a screenshot of them both in the future (2016 for example?)
Lukaku. Way more of a natural finisher imo, although sanogo is a beast if you can play him correctly


sanogo seems a lot better in those screenshots though :S his finishing is better and so is his physical stats
Belive me... who ever you buy, he will get a job for you!. sanogo is better for clinical striker... but lukaku is way much better for whole team. So, who ever is cheaper
Cicinho screeny of sanogo is awesome, those physical stats alone would make him a danger abduction add to the his finishing and composure!
wow its really a split decision on this one ha
if only i knew how to make a poll ? :\
Lukaku in first season for me didn't do much because he was still blending into the team but second season he scored 37 goals lawlz
Sanogo is incredible. For my game (2017), he has 26 league goals in 18 appearances for Arsenal while Lukaku has 22 goals in 19 for Chelsea.

I don't think you can go wrong here, but Sanogo is incredible.
are we talking bout Lukaku vs Sanogo
Arshavin vs Pastore

im confuzzled
sanogo definitely... get babacar though if you can.. currently in 2018 and lukaku isn't half as good as the other 2...