YNWA v4.3 2nd season pass & move EPL, FA CUP, CHAMPS LEAGUE dominance


Aug 8, 2010
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YNWA v5.0 Pass & Move Bastion Of Invincibility



Aim of Tactic:

#Be in control of matches
*** & move based play ( and higher % than opposition but not tiki taka obsession)
#No need for separate tactic for away days
#Set style so players can be sold in prime and replaced by younger talent and doesn't affect results and carry on European dominance

This tactic has been developed over a 6 season period (in my Liverpool save)
and now continued in a new game where i am Swansea and currently just finished my 3rd season.

It is currently version 7.9

Success So Far

Swansea Game
(2nd Season Just Finished)

+ / -+7-+11+4+7+13+31+44+29

* Finished the season as joint top goals scorers with Man City, 5th best defense in the league.
** Finished lower than previous season due to getting to champs league semi final, winning fa cup and injuries squad was just stretched to breaking point by the end, if the form was sustained before end of season dip then would of easily finished in 4th place. (again finished top goalscorers) also during this season i was offered job at united, Chelsea and man city which shows how this tactic is performing

Liverpool Game
( due to losing the save game can be updated)
Just Finished 4th Season
15 Cup Trophies 3 League Titles

English Premiership League 2014, 2015, 2016
English Community Shield 2014, 2015
English FA Cup 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Capital One Cup 2016
UEFA Europa League 2013
UEFA Champions League 2014, 2015, 2016
European Super Cup 2013, 2014
Club World Championship 2014, 2015

Statistical Progress So far With Tactic

+ / -+ 3-+ 4- 1+5+ 28+ 2+ 71+ 13
+ / ---+3-+3+18-2+2+9

Now Story of The Tactic!

The back story of this tactic is basically a pass and move based attacking tactic that focuses on passing and creating space and wingers who disrupt the opp team, young players can come into the squad and not be the weak link, can be used right through the season no need to change depending on home or away, can score goals and pleasing on the eye.

Players like the passing can be recycled if a player gets to a certain age he can be sold for profit and a younger maybe more technical can slot in for a fraction of the price ​in a nutshell it is my version of Brendan Rodgers module/vision of what he wants to do with Liverpool IRL.

Although this tactic is attacking minded probably 90% of its build up is started from the goalkeeper and the play will be passed around till a chance be it a clear chance or half chance is open also even though it is a pass & move based tactic and build from the back and pass around it is not a Barcelona style tiki-taka tactic rather a mixture of tiki-take and pass and move of the Liverpool gold days it isn't about how many passes my players make but about using the ball to create chances and being in control as much as possible.

Player /
Player Roles / Role Within Tactic

Sweeper Keeper Defend

Always looks for short pass and only hits long when desperate. Collect any loose balls as the opp team tend to get frustrated and just smack the ball up field do to the high pressure and lack of possession ( death by football )

Center backs Central Defender Defend

Always looking for short pass and being in a position to receive the ball and being composed under pressure to play it out of defense

Full Backs Full Back Support

Push up to support build up always open for pass, once in last 1/4 of pitch look to pass the ball inside or run the byline and cross in. if i'm honest as mad as this might sound to some i tend to see the full backs as more of wide defensive midfielder as opposed to an overlapping attacking wing back as seen in tiki taka tactics as in early stages of tactic would ship goals due to full backs being out of position.

Defensive Mid Anchor Man Defend

Is basically the brain of the tactic a xavi style ball carrier always moving and there for a pass doesn't bomb up and leave defense unprotected as found with earlier versions of this tactic but when help is needed to keep the ball in the final 3rd with our team he pushes up to support the players

Center Mid Ball Winning Midfield Support

If his partner in crime is the brain then the B.W.M is surely the heartbeat, for ever giving players an extra option for a pass, closing down opp, he is always doing what he can to keep play moving help looking for that opening or help pressure opp players into mistakes without this man the tactic falls on its ***.

Attacking Midfield Center Attacking Midfielder Attack

Is the main outlet for play he keeps play moving in an advanced position free to do what he wants within the tactic looks for the opening draws players around him to free up space he is the main man to inflict damage on the opposition be it through his runs, passes or movement opening up space for other players.

Attacking Midfield Left & Midfield Right
Wingers Support

Are there to cause panic and confusion to the opp def, always running with/without the ball, always moving and open for a pass,press full back into mistakes to help get the ball back quickly and efficiently direct runs at players, stretching play and cutting inside and always supporting the build up by the box to open up space and chances and get on end of moves when possible.

Advanced Forward Attack

Is the main man of the attacking side of the play always pushing and trying to find space, open up play for supporting cast, running after loose balls to keep move ticking closing down of center back and help stretch the space between opp back line and mid, once team is gelled and a unit this man basically scores for fun and in doing so is targeted none stop by every team which gives space to other players around him

Match Training & General Training

General Training Focus:
Team Cohesion
until the squad is fully fluid with the tactic.

General Training Focus:
Ball Control
Once fully fluid with tactic move on to ball control.

Match Training:
Defensive Positioning
Once squad is fully fluid with tactic, focus on Teamwork so that players are comfortable with each other and know how they are going to act on the pitch, then switch between defensive positioning and attacking depending on who you play and if your assistant recommends to change to defensive or attacking.

Match Shouts

Play Out Of Defense
# Pass Into Space
# Play Through Defense
# Work Ball Into Box
# Look For Overlap
# Retain Possession
# Hassle Opponents

Player Preferred Moves

# Short simple passes
# Plays out of trouble

# Short simple passes
# Dictate Tempo
# Plays one-two's
# Tries killer ball
# Runs with ball

# Run with ball
# Beat offside trap
Places shots

* Now the ppm is listed in its basic generic state, they are the preferable ppm i use for my players but it is down to you to decide which players and which positions need what ppm

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Tactic Link ( 24/05/13) View attachment 345316
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Any plug-n-play tactic that can lead Liverpool to winning the league has to be a good one.
27 wins and 100 goals. Thats impressive!
Even more after noticing the realistic additional transfers.
Well done! I hope I'll get the same experience using this one.

Small question: How did you draw a table in your OP? Never knew we can do that.. :p
cheers andy hopefully it can work as a plug and play but i do think it will be a tactic where the players have to adapt to it over a period of time as it has team and player instructions also ive spent last 2 seasons trying to coach every player to play the ball short and more 1-2-1 passing
Any chance of a screenshot of your training, including individual training please? Cheers
protimmo my match prep is mainly att movement
View attachment 305876
3rd season in with this tactic and just finished this match with best stats ive had to date.
66% possession
36 shots
21 shots on target
7 Clear cut chances

compared to their 2 shots and 1 on target
How many goals did Suarez score over a season approximately ?
How many goals did Suarez score over a season approximately ?

easily in access of 20+ goals but i used a lot of rotation in the squad over the course of the season so he would score a lot more if you used him as your permanate center forward
Possession & passing-wise this tactic is awesome, so thank you very much. Although I am having a couple of issues. I'm in the first half of my first season still, coming into November, so still early days, but I was wondering if it was like this for anyone else in the beginning as well? I'm taking like 35 shots to score five goals, so very much like BR's Liverpool in real life! But I am also leaking goals. Seriously I'm shipping goals left, right and centre. For example, I played Stoke. They had 4 attempts, scored 3 goals. I have 15 attempts and scored one. Did you have a similar problem in the beginning? My defence is Reina in goal, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel and Enrique, so I would expect better, but it seems to be like this every game. No matter how well the team play, or how many chances they create, I am consistantly being outscored by my opponents :(
Hi Michael, glad your possession and passing is working now on to your problem, i think the goals against is just a teething problem for the team as they get use to how to play with the tactic however there is a couple of things you can do to help 1 of the big most important things you can do which i don't think i mentioned in the opening post is to train every player (especially including defenders) is look for short pass and play out of trouble and everyone else short pass and play more one-two's.That should help to combat against goals against as the defenders wont be flapping and just smacking it up front as they come to terms with the style of play.

Also i have continued to edit the tactic and now on a more consistent run with no big names still at the club apart from robinson, shelvey, hendo, suso and sterling there are no original Liverpool players all have been sold for big money and replaced with younger hungrier technically better players. Now the tactic is not the finished product there is still improvements to be made before i am completely happy but i am happy to upload it if you would like to try that out and see if that improves your defensive problems
Thanks Stewey, that would be great. I've always been good tactically at previous FM games, but this year its been all downhill so far! :)