Yohan Kebab - A Joe Kinnear Experiment


Oct 4, 2011
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After another day of chaos in the story of Newcastle United I want to see if the Director of Football role can be implemented in Football Manager.

To do this I will act as the Director of Football.

I will:
- Sign Players
- Sell Players
- Handle Contracts
- Hire and Fire Staff
- And mis-pronounce my players names!

I've used FMRTE to appoint poor Alan Pardew as my Assistant Manager in the game and he will take charge of team talks, opposition instructions and other match day related things.

If he fails to deliver results he'll be fired and replaced with Jose Mountinho or Sir Alan Ferguson (see what I did there??)

*For matchdays I'll be using Instant Result
Make it realistic. Get relegated and make me happy!

Good Luck :S
Yohan Kebab :'( gets me every time!!! He's such a clown, Klippy must be raging.
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Make sure to post full transcript of our press conferences (H)

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Alan Pardew to remain as head coach

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Not long into my spell as DoF and Yohan Kebab is looking out!! No chance pal.

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To generate funds I've sold some deadwood.

Gabby Ober-thong is off to Southampton for 5 million quid.

Nile Power Ranger can spend the rest of the season at Charlton. Useless.

Jonas Galtierrez is a fan favourite but **** at football. 10 million big ones to Bushia Dortmound.

Sammy Amaboly needs first team football so loan to Southampton.

And Ryan Tails can join him too for 5 millions smackaroos.

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Now to spend some of the bucks Joe Kinnear style!!
Hahahaha I can't believe you actually edited his name lmao.
Last bit of business before the window shuts.

Got in Vicky Pyjamas from Celtic

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And Joby Angle on loan from Roma as cover for Davide Santa.

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Had bids rejected for Gary Cooper of Celtic and Wellies Nem. Maybe in the winter.
DEVASTATING NEWS!! Yohan Kebab has broke foot and is out for 4 months and Hatty Ben Afri broke his leg in the next match and is out for 6 months!
they weren't thinking all ashley like doing is winding up the newcastle united fans end of!!!!!!
Newcastle will never be successful with Ashley there :'(
meguel you are so right !!! id rather have Freddy Shepherd back as our chairman than this cockney ****!!!!!
Its Hatem Ben Athlete!!! Lol