Your Footballing Idol !!


Aug 20, 2010
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Who is your footballing idol??

Mine has to be Scott Parker because of the effort and passion he has for West Ham especially after Carlton Cole said that he gave a "Tear in the eye team talk at half time" against West Brom. He is God
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I don't really have one as I don't really play footy or wanna become a professional lol but I admire Fabio Cannavaro for leading and captaining Italy to World Cup Glory.
matt le tissier and alan shearer, the two players in football who i idolised so much as a child, and still love watching thier goal vids etc now, both footballing legends and icons to me :)

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Geoff Bradford - The only Rovers played to of earned an England cap whilst playing for us. His career was certainly injury plagued, with broken legs being a common injury, however he was determined to play football for us and always came back stronger.

An article on Bradford
Marco van Basten. After him Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero.
Cesc Fabregas

Plays like an angel and I always have admired how he leades Arsenal from such a young age and his vision and creativity

Stefan 'Der Goalie' Klos. Absolute legend, love the guy. Made we want to become a keeper :wub:
Matt Le Tissier for his loyalty and the fact I'm a Saints fan but for my footballing position it's David Beckham. I'm a right winger and modelled my crosses on him
Growing up my idols have to be Ronaldo,Rivaldo,Romario,Robbie Fowler,Roberto Carlos
Gazza, Denis Bergkamp,Zinadine Zidane,Jan Molby
my idol has always been ronaldo (el fenomeno) because he was exactly that kind of player that i wanted to be.
He was very fast, scored on almost every shot, and he was not like ronaldo or balotelli. He was down on the ground, and a good team player. and im still admiring him!
dennis the iceman bergkamp thierry henry and Robin Van Persie.