Feb 5, 2013
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Is there a thread out there about this issue?

I'm starting my 4th season now with Newcastle and I just noticed that my U18 team is down to only 8 players! I pretty much give my Head of Youth Development (Phil Cannon) total control over the youth team and now I just realized that He is not signing any of the youth regens.
i sign them myself mate, usually bringing in like 5 every season
i sign them myself mate, usually bringing in like 5 every season
Yea, I just realized this is probably what I will have to do from now on.

Anyways, is there a guide out there on how to manage the youth team, using feeder club to develop youths, etc ?
Never mind. I just found out that there's a bug concerning this. Apparently the youth intakes evaluations are bugged and you have to basically sign them up first to youth contract before you can see their true potential.

So I just basically lost 3 years of youth generations.
I also have my Youth department chief/coach to sing, but he does not sign anyone, i'm doing everything.

I like to keep my 14 to 18 years old players in my won facilities and u-18 squad. This way they can play junior and reserve games. After, at the age of 19 to 21 i will put them to loan and reserve games so they can get some games. All the training is handled by the coaches and i follow their advice on the skills that need specific training.

So, at the age of 22 they are ready to play for the 1st team. Of course, if they are real good, they will jump some stages and will be brought to the 1st team more quickly. If they arrive to the main team and don't produce want i think they should, or they have blocked by better players, i loan them the years to end contract except the last year, so i can sell them for the highest value possible.
:(.... Try and offer them 50% of the fee after 20 league appearances this is what i do and they never get it also i put all my youth players on heavy training someone else said not to do it but ive got lots of physios and fitness coaches, also try to sign what you need to suit your formation not just 5 strikers because there the best players...hope this helps
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View attachment 323449 This is one of the guys that currently plays in my under 18s....

inside forward spotted, he would be the the king of all kings in terms of inside forward, withhigh agility and balance, not to mention 20 longshots ****... just work on his dribbiling. unless you wanna play him as a striker.
Normally play my unreal youngsters in lesser / cup games then when they have some form of reputation I will add them to the development list or I will send them out to a feeder club (I have Southampton as one of mine which is great for their experience as they're in the prem).
what training do you use, your players stats increase dramatically.
I normally put all my strikers on complete forward heavy... he is probably well coming to think about it the best young player ive had