Mar 2, 2013
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My name is Yusan Uvabic. Three months ago, I am just potato farmer in former Yugoslavia. By day, I work in fields. I raise potatoes. In 2002, Yusan won Yugoslavian Potato Farmer of Year. It was good year.

By night, Yusan relax in front of latest videogame, Championship Manager 2. I win many competitions with Chelsea, although I lose often and have to quit to DOS without saving in order to re-do matches. Truthfully, Yusan does not really understand the football, but I enjoy the game anyway.

So, when I hear Chelsea job available in real life, Yusan apply for position. On CV, I list all the competitions that I have won in-game. Mr. Abramovich delighted that man who has won seven European Cups want Chelsea job. A big limousine arrive, and take Yusan to London.

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This is my story.
Comings and Goings

First thing I notice that is different in real life than in Championship Manager 2; there are so many staff! We have physio who is under eighteen? Is this legal? We have a Chef Scout, who does what; finds nice food for players? No. It is too much. All Yusan need is self and players.

Yusan sack all backroom staff.

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Now, using all of Yusan's knowledge of the 1995 Premier League season, I embark on campaign to create dream team:

GK: Seaman
DL: Andy Hinchcliffe
DC: Tony Adams
DC: Robert Dewhurst
DR: Steve Harkness
ML: Darren Utley
MC: Roberto Martinez
MC: Peter Beardsley
MR: Darren Wrack
ST: Stan Collymore
ST: Alan Shearer

Unfortunately, I am told many of these players have now retire. So Yusan settles for second best, and manages to sign some quality players:

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I sign Barcelona legend Jari Litmanen (for free!), Wimbedon legend Neil Sullivan (I negotiate a bargain 15m transfer!) and up and coming youngster Michael Owen (I heard he was good on CM2 96/97 edition that Yusan's neighbour, Vlad, used to play).

This will be great season for Yusan, I feel.
Got to admit this has gave me a good laugh, keep it up