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Recent content by Ace's

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    Inspired by Leo

    Alright, I’ve said that I’ll write more this description later so here it is. (first, please apologize me for my english:D) Implementing Leonardo tactics A Rotating Diamond First though that came in making this tactics is how to make the midfielder rotates in diamond position. I think what...
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    Just Another 4-2-3-1

    Just Another 4-2-3-1 Deep Hello world, Update !!! Simpler and Better This tactics were dedicated to attacking tactic fan... Formation Standing Earlier season : 2016-2017 Also use the current tactics for Under 20s Fixture 2017-2018 Short Story Sorry for my English, hope you...
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    4-2-3-1 Deep new! (Tested with Inter & Liverpool)

    Greetings to all talented manager on the fm planet Firstly sorry for my English... Like 4-2-3-1 deep? ....maybe you want to try this one... intro fixture Liverpool so far fixture here some match... 1. Match Preparation : Set this tactics into very high workload...