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Recent content by anthonydunn87

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    Crystal Palace 2nd season

    I've just clinched promotion in 2nd place behind Southampton, I didn't expect to achieve it so I'm very happy with it. Anyway - my squad is very small and I relied a lot on my loan signings and ageing freebies (which I'm obviously going to be without next season). I need to bulk up my squad...
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    Narrow Diamond

    I have created a narrow diamond tactic for my new crystal palace save an have decided upon roles for every position except the two central midfielders, my AMC is a trequartista and my DMC is an anchorman, could anybody suggest a good partnership of roles I could use, I am using short passing...
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    Help I'm leaking goals

    I'm upto my 8th league game in the 2nd season and have already shipped 16 goals. My tactic hasn't changed from the first season so I can't understand why I am doing worse with supposed better players. Nainggolan and Tony jantschke have been shocking for me and my young left back Heracles has...
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    midfield partner for Verrati

    I'm going into my second season with Villa soon, I want someone to partner Marco Verrati (dlp-s) preferably a (bwm) but I don't spend more than £10m on one player, has anybody got any suggestions? I've got my eye on Joe Allen just in case Swansea want to sell him.
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    Universidad de Chile - formation & roles

    I am trying to create my own version of UDC's tactic as I have heard lots about it and am fascinated at how detailed it is. What roles are most important in this tactic and apart from UCD which team would be good to start with?
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    Inside Forwards

    I know that there are players who you can use as inside forwards with success but are there any players whose best role is shown as being an inside forward I am yet to see one.
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    january window patch?

    Does anybody know when this is likely to be released?