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    Skin Help

    I want to have Backgrounds on my game but i have downloaded a skin and don everything wright but it's still not showing up on the drop down menu in Preferences,i even followed the guide on here that show's you how to download skins and use them but it's still not working i'm on steam by the way...
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    hi is anyone doing a Shaktar Donestsk Facepack or the full Ukrainian League

    is anyone doing one for that part off the word
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    Swiss Super League Stadium Backgrounds

    hope this is the right place,i need the stadium backgrounds for the swiss league if someone can make them please
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Romelu Lukaku is a striker that starts with Anderlecht at just 16 he has to be one off the best young strikers on the game
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    need benfica tactic

    i have come out off my comfort zone which was the epl.and i took up the challange off benfica i know there a good team but i need a good tactic for them please.
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    patch installation

    i have just reinstalled fm 2009 and i can not rember how to install the the latest patch please can u help ?sorry if in wrong place.
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    Can not download tactics

    i am useing vista chrome and it will not let me download jp woody new tactic can anyone help please sorry if this is in wrong area.
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    Tb-v6-piranha-final tactic

    i used this tactic on the last update its amazeing i want to know will it work on the new update or is there a nouther version thanks
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    new to newtwork gameing

    i have just downloaded hamachi and i want to play a network game with someone i need help on how to set it up please
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    Ac Milan

    This is going to be my last team before the new football manger come out what wouid be a good tactic for ac milan please.
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    Estaban Granero

    Hi i am playing has Real Madrid and i am in my 3rd season.I just wanted to know what do people think about this player?because for me he playing very well and i want to know how he progesis in the game
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    shouid i sell aguero to barca for 31m

    shouid i sell him? and if i do who couid i get to replace him i have bought sturridge from man city as backup please need advice
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    65m for gerrad

    hi have i just don a stupid thing here?i have just spent 65m on steven gerrad. i am man city 2nd season i now get the feeling i shouid not have spent that much on one player and give liverpool all that cash.
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    shouid i sell sanga for 21m?

    i am playing has arsenal on the new patch.its my 2nd season and liverpool have bid 21m for sanga iam quite tempeted but if i agree who couid i buy?or shouid i stick with with him.
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    do downloaded tactics really work?

    i ve downloaded loads off tactics in the past and now for fm 09. and i cant seem to get any off them to work. i wouid like your views on any tactics that you downloaded and have worked for you.