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Recent content by balesleftpeg

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    Request Your Kits Here!

    Would it be possible to request the Venezia real kits in 3D please? Can only find the 20/21 versions in 3D. Thanks :)
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    Sorry DorkSirjur, commented in the wrong thread. The comment was meant for the 1333surjur. I will give this 14122 a go (y)
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    REMOVED wrong thread :whistle:
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    Barcelona U19's seem to be enjoying the tactic! ;)
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    Where is the link for the older one please mate? EDIT Got it in the download button as 4123Sirjur2 (y)
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    Trying to keep them all fit, i've always got at least one quick CB (Sanchez/Tanganga) alongside the more solid but slower defender (Alderwiereld/Dier). Also rotating Reguilon/Davies and Doherty/Aurier. Haven't changed any corner setups but was thinking about it, i'll do it now!
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    It started great, but I have been leaking lots of goals lately and struggling...
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    He is doing fine for me!
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    ZEUS by TFF

    Dembele (30 goals) and Kane (29 goals)
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    Anybody has any luck with this? I saw it was in testing but isn't on the list so would love some feedback?
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    balesleftpeg uploaded VolatileVolante Leave feedback below.
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    VolatileVolante 1

    (Stoke game was youth team)