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    Cantona Returns To Old Trafford

    ERIC RETURNS It has been confirmed today that Old Trafford favourite Eric Cantona has taken over as manager of Manchester United after Sir Alex Fergusons exit earlier this month. He does not seemed fased about taking over as the manager of the worlds biggest club bringing his usual style and...
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    Nicky Hunt

    I just bought nicky hunt for my wigan team after selling pretty much everyone lol. has he played well for anyone or is he going to be yet another bad move?
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    42 unbeaten and beaten by a lower leage team

    just had agreat run of 42 game winning streak with my man united team. rooney has been on fire got 34 goals for me. I was knocked out of the cup by bury. Has anything like this happened to anyone else. I can understand if it was like arsenal or chlski but bury lol
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    Wigan Do Domestic Trebble

    in my first season i have won the premiere leage, fa cup and league cup with wigan. But what are your greatest achievements with an underdog tem?
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    Is Pato worth signing

    I have heard alot of rave about him and alot of people say he is useless. Is he worth signing for my Man U squad or shouldi stay clear?
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    Problems later on!!

    Im currently playing as wigan. With 19 games played won 18 drawn one. Obviously my tactic is working but i use the same for home and away changing nothing. Does anyone know if this is a bad idea for later stages of the season?
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    Stafford F.C

    I have read so many post's about LLM but have never attempted it up unitl recently. I have just started with Stafford in the Blue Square North and i have to admit i'm loving it. Played two games so far: Billericay 0 - 3 Stafford Stafford 3 - 2 MK Dons The player i have are absolutley awful...