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Recent content by Bouwzie

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    -9/-10 PA List for Patch 14.1.2 + Under 21 170+ PA

    The current -9/-10 list for FM2014. It's currently sorted on age, I might change that later and add some more things to it. (The ? is supposed to be a -, but something must have gone wrong.) -10 -9 Under 21 with 170+ PA: List of clubs with amount of negative PA players: Negative...
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    Luis Viveros

    This player has a PA of 196! Ridiculous. He plays for Depor FC.
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    Alexandre Lacazette - Olympique Lyonnais

    Name: Alexandre Lacazette Club: Olympique Lyonnais D.O.B.: 28.5.1991 Nationality: French Position: Striker Future screenshot:
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    Yassine Benzia - Olympique Lyonnais

    Name: Yassine Benzia Club: Olympique Lyonnais D.O.B: 8.9.1994 Nationality: French Position: Striker This guy has improved a LOT in my save. At the start of the game: Future screenshot and a (useless) scout report also from the future.
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    Francesco Bardi - Roma

    Name: Francesco Bardi Club: Inter D.O.B: 18.1.1992 Nationality: Italy Position: Goalkeeper Strenghts: - Positioning - Reflexes - Agility - Decisions - Handling - One-on-Ones - Concentration He's pretty much cut out for the Goalkeeper - Defend role. Here's a screenshot of him 2 years in, he...
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    Paulo Dybala - Palermo

    Name: Paulo Dybala Club: Palermo D.O.B: 15.11.1993 Nationality: Argentina, Italy, Poland Position: Striker Strengths: Pace Finishing Dribbling Nearly everything really. Weaknesses: Determination Off The Ball Personality: Balanced This guy can become really good I think, I hope someone has...
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    -9, -10 and under 21 160+ PA List

    -9 and -10 PA List (UPDATED 13.3 PATCH) UPDATED 13.3 PATCH -9 -9 Players of the age of 21 or under with 160+ PA, sorted by age then Current Ability: [/spoiler]
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    Tactic with 3 Central Attacking Midfielders

    Does anyone know of a good tactic that utilises 3 Central Attacking Midfielders? Like Manchester City have as a standard tactic. I've got quite some good youth players coming through, but sadly hardly any wingers. Some links to good tactics would be appreciated :)
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    Isco - Malaga

    Template: Name: Isco (Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez) Club: Malaga FC D.O.B: 21.4.1992 Nationality: Spain Position: AM/C Strengths: Technique, First Touch, Dribbling, Passing, Creativity, Flair Weaknesses: Work Rate Description: Flamboyant Midfielder Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles...
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    -9 and -10 list

    -10 -9
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    Hall of Fame not updating

    Well really, that is it. My hall of fame won't update anymore. I've won the league 3 times now and some other trophies here and there, but my Hall of Fame still says 2 major wins and 1 minor win. (1 La Liga, 1 Champions League, 1 Copa del Rey). Does anyone know why it won't update?
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    "B" Teams

    Hey there everybody, I have some questions about the B teams in Spain. I'm playing as Espanyol and am now 3 seasons in. My B team currently plays nowhere (no fixture list or anything) but when I click on a player in my B team, the game says he plays in the Tercera Group V. My game is only loaded...
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    Players with great mental stats

    Hey there, I'm looking for some players who have great mental stats to use as tutors (and perhaps play a small role in my team). I'm in my second season with Arsenal (using the Mantralux update) and have 125m to spend. I don't mind it if they are about 33 or something, but some of my regen...
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    Little Arsenal

    Hey there, Lately, I've been thinking about creating a "Little Arsenal" team. This team would be in the League 2. This team would be completely independant, except for the fact that Arsenal can dump players at Little Arsenal, and when they think the players are good enough, they can take the...
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    Arsenal - Right Attacking Midfielder/Right Winger

    Oh hey. I'm looking for a RAM/RW back-up for Walcott. I'd be willing to spend 20 million max. I'm still at the start of the season 2009/2010, but I'm playing with the database update to make it a 2010/2011 season. I sold Arshavin as I got a good offer for him, so now I'm looking for good...