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    Contracts are legal! (Challenge)

    sorry for the terrible name! Imagine a game where you see out every contract (unless sacked) without renewing! Challenge: start at the bottom unemployed or on your first 1 year contract. But when they ask you to renew you say no! When looking for your next job you need to negotiate a longer...
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    Best Player Awards

    Hi! i know its mentioned a lot about Ronaldo and Messi always winning the awards, but come on, how on earth! Messi, 42 games - ST, 28 goals, 13 assists, rating 8.17 (HOW) Hazard, 45 games - AML, 33 goals, 24 assists, rating 7.77 from my point of view, there is only 1 winner there! I can't see...
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    FM 15 - My View

    Football Manager is probably my favourite game! :D For moments like this haha! This just about sums up my experience with FM this year! Anybody else had crazy amounts of goals ?
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    All You Heskey Lovers!

    Just signed for Dundee United who are not performing well, before my first game of my reign i notice a lack of good strikers, so incomes the mighty Emile Heskey, here is his first game!
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    New Story

    Hello! Today I would like to start a story, I was thinking of following a current manager and following the career! If anyone has any ideas then that would be great and hopefully i can get going tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy!
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    Looking for someone to do a network game with, You can decide leagues etc, just want some spice in the game haha ?
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    Looking for a couple of people

    Hey, Im looking for a couple of people to play online with, not bothered where or what, i just want a long term save with someone or somepeople? I mainly play during the day and most nights, not tonight though haha :P
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    Bradlad's Chairman Game!

    Hey People! This is my first go so go easy on me! If you are interested, leave your name and club down in the thread or pm me. I shall keep a list in post 2 of peoples teams and who is in the game. Rules Main: Below you can see the leagues which are currently loaded, If you would like...
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    New Be A Player

    Welcome to the newest Be a Player series. There are a few of these going round so here is how mine will be different. I plan on creating one new character each year, so i will wait until intake day, then change one of the players for your chosen club to your name and date of birth. So if you...
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    To Hit Rock Bottom

    Hey guys, Different type of challenge here, A lot of people including myself have tried to increase the stature of countries like Andorra, San Marino and Gibraltar in the European rankings. This challenge is a bit different, you have to get a country, and make them hit rock bottom, with 1 team...
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    Stories Sub-Forum

    So when will the stories forum be up? Currently managing England and there have been massive twists at the world cup!
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    The Winners Story

    This will be a story thread based on a save I am currently running through. I downloaded LFCMarshalls database, and I was wondering what would happen if i just let it play! This will be a collective story of the teams that succeed the most while playing and also the story of the champions...
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    Network Game

    Anyone up for a network game ? Just let me know ? I am open to any type of game :)
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    Southampton Chairman Story!

    Southampton Chairman Story This will be the story thread for my Network Game, Please sign up on the following link, http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-online-mode-network-games/124988-southampton-manager.html This thread will be full of press conferences and updates...
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    Southampton Manager

    Southampton Manager Vacancy Hello and welcome to the first Southampton Football Club press conference of the new season. I am the new owner of the club and would like to start my conference by saying this will be the end of Mauricio Pochettino's time in charge of the club. All staff will be...