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    Jamie Paterson

    Safe to say he has been a beast for me in my first season at Forest.
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    Gary Mackay-Steven

    Started a game with Nottingham Forest, signed him for 800k, he has been fantastic. Not much more I can say.
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    Which player is best?

    I can afford all three, for about the same price, but which is the best to buy?
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    Which player?

    Reus, Draxler or Insigne?
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    Searching for tactic guru.

    I believe the man I am looking for is JP Woody. I downloaded your attacking 442 tactic last year on FM2013 and it has to be one of the most successful tactics I have used on these series. I was wondering if you had created any new tactics for the current version that I could try out possibly...
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    Request for a tactic

    I remember downloading a particular tactic for FM2013, which had to be the most successful tactic on any football manager series. It was called JP's attacking 442, does anyone know this man? Or whether he plans to release a tactic similar for FM2014? I start my new career soon & I do not have...
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    Arsenal - Shirt Sales

    I recently set up a link with Ballena Shizuoka (Japanese club) for commercial reasons, so I am considering buying a Japanese international to boost some revenue. The question is, are any of them good enough to be playing for Arsenal? I am in January 2011, Honda and Kagawa spring to mind, are...
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    Arsenal - Centre back

    In the January transfer window 2011 and I am looking to get in a centre back. Besides the usual attributes (Heading, Marking, Tackling, Strength etc), I would ideally want a centre back with high pace/acceleration. I have roughly £10 million to spend.
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    Colchester United - RB, CB, LB, DMC, AMR, ST

    I have gained back to back promotions with Colchester United and in my 3rd season (2012 -2013), I have reached the promise land into the Premiership. My transfer budget is roughly £14 million & I am spending roughly £102k a week on wages, with a wage budget of £250k a week. I have quite a few...
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    Colchester United - start of season expectations?

    I am approaching the 2011/2012 season and I am about to start my first season in the Championship with my local team Colchester United. I was wondering if anyone else had managed Colchester United and how did you get on in the Championship in your first year? The board have set their minimum...
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    Cardiff City - Any

    I have gained promotion to the Premiership with Cardiff City in my first season and as the 2011-2012 approaches I practically need to build a new squad. My transfer budget is roughly £14 million as I have decided to sell a few players to raise some more transfer funds, but more importantly...
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    Cardiff City - Realistic expectations

    I have gained promotion to the Premiership with Cardiff City in the first season and as the 2011-2012 season approaches the board have set their start of season expectations. The question I ask is realistically what could I achieve from a Cardiff City team that has just gained promotion to the...