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    Liverpool vs. Newcastle - 1/5/2011

    Liverpool v Newcastle Barclays Premier League Venue: Anfield Date: Sunday, 1 May Kick-off: 1200 BST Coverage: Watch live on ESPN and highlights on Match of the Day 2; listen on BBC Radio 5 live and full commentary on BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8FM, 1485MW and DAB; text commentary on BBC...
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    CalumE5's 14 Future Stars (Game Thread)

    Okay then, here's what you look like at the start. Apologies to Nathan and CiaranSafc who both have faces that probably don't look like them, must be the facepack I have loaded :S Ihava ***** (Sam) Nathan Burbidge (Nathan) Stefan Cubitt (Puddz) Calum De Ferdinho (Calum) Jordan De Gea...
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    CalumE5's 15 Future Stars

    I know there's a lot of these going around at the moment, but I've got time to kill :P Anyways, I'm sure you all know the idea. Fill in the below template and you'll be able to see how your career turns out! This won't be only for Premium Members as many are, but there will be a minimum post...
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    Best EPL Expensive Transfers 2010/2011?

    Who have been the best transfers made this season, including the summer and winter transfer windows? The poll only consists of players that cost over £10 million, so bear that in mind!
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    CalumE5's Premier League Update (11.3)

    Okay, so I've got some time to fill, and I've decided to do an update for the Premier League only, as it's what most of us will play in. If you have any suggestions of things to change, then this is the place to request them, as I will include them in the database, assuming I feel that they are...
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    Request Player CA/PA Thread (11.3)

    If you want to know the CA and PA of any players based on the new patch, post here, and someone will get back to you ASAP. If you are posting CAs and PAs, please use spoiler tags, in order to avoid people seeing information they may not have wanted to. [SPOILER.] [/SPOILER.] ^^ This is how to...
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    West Ham vs. Liverpool (27/2/2011)

    West Ham v Liverpool Barclays Premier League Venue: Upton Park Date: Sunday, 27 February Kick-off: 1330 GMT Coverage: Watch live on Sky Sports 1 and highlights on Match of the Day 2; listen on BBC Radio 5 live, local radio and Absolute Radio; text commentary on BBC Sport website and...
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    Secret Diary of a Euro Starlet - Conor Coady

    NOTE: Not all of you will want to/have the time to read this, but I thoroughly recommend it, just went through it all and it really gives a sense of the atmosphere around the Liverpool youths at the moment. I think I speak for all Liverpool fans when I say that I hope Kenny keeps on giving the...
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    Christian Purslow steps down as Managing Director of Liverpool

    Liverpool FC confirms that following the successful transition of the Club to its new owners, Christian Purslow is to step down as special advisor and non-executive director. LFC Chairman Tom Werner said: "We will always be grateful to Christian for his vital contribution to the Club during his...
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    FM-Baseania - Sign Up Now!!!

    I have recently started working on a database that I have called “FM-Baseania”. This country will replace Wales, so will be part of the United Kingdom. Welsh players will now be “FM-Baseanian”. This database will contain a single league with 10-14 teams, depending on how good the reaction to...
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    St. George FC - The English Youth Academy

    This database was inspired by Eds’ Slaying The Dragons – English Youth Academy story for FM2010, which was honestly my favourite story I have read on this site. The uploaded database was my favourite game, and I thought I would recreate it, so I have done so. This database was created on top of...
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    Editing the Internet

    Just thought I'd share something I learnt today from one of my friends, which uses an "Internet Edit Code". It basically allows you to change anything on any website, from text to picture sizes. It's obviously nothing permanent, and is for your viewing only, but it was incredibly satisfying to...
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    CalumE5's Auction Game - The Story

    The story of the following auction game: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f104/calume5s-auction-game-the-rounds-t58928.html Players CtPauley - Saracens (Sarries) ravenie - Ravenie's Rampant Raving Rabbids (RRRR) fuelledbypassion - Urine Trouble (Wee Wee) TheRealMourinho - Tika Taka FC (TTFC) *JK*...
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    CalumE5's Auction Game - The Rounds

    CalumE5's Auction Game Story Yes, I know. Another Auction Game, sorry about that. But please don’t spam this thread telling me that there are loads already, because I know. If you’re interested, then let me know, if not then, with respect, go away ;) . Anyway, I’ve been wanting to host one of...
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    Liverpool vs. Bolton Wanderers - 1/1/11 15:00

    Liverpool go into this match in desperate need of a win over the over-performing Bolton today. With speculation over Roy Hodgson's future continuing, with many sources saying that the owners are looking for a replacement already, the result may not affect his chances, but it will be very...