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    Fierro's Action Facepack 20 2019-11-24

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    Fierro's Action Facepack 20

    Liam uploaded Fierro's Action Facepack 20 Leave feedback below.
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    Fierro's Action Facepack 2020

    2020 players 4,281 tiles 18 August Staff & referees 4,092 tiles 18 August Other goodies: 2019 players 21,501 tiles 2.7gb zip Fierro name fix 20 March Custom skin 2018 PROJECT ENDED Pro tip: Ease bandwidth woes by sorting the Mega folders by date, and...
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    Fierro's Action Facepack 2019

    NOTE: This is a legacy project. Hop over to the 2020 thread for the new pack. Welcome to my 2018-19 season facepack. More than 25,000 images. Players (21,501 tiles, 2.7GB final Mediafire zip) Staff & referees (4,000+ tiles, Mega folder) Fierro's name fix files (update 20/3) Player sizes...
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    Carlos_Fierro's facepack for 2018

    FM BASE IS BROKEN! GO HERE FOR THE LATEST UPDATES: https://www.fmscout.com/a-action-faces-megapack-2018.html
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    carlos_fierro is back... for FM 2017

    Click on the logo to download. 6,680 images (671mb) Last update 2/8 10,748 images (981mb) Last revision 20/5 8,584 tiles (794mb) Last revision 20/5 I'd suggest all packs are downloaded for depth. Most doubles have been deleted. 2015 pack is lower quality due to resizing, but...
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    carlos_fierro's 2014-15 remix

    My project from last year remixed with a new template to match 2015-16. About 18,000 tiles in total. Each set contains about 800 tiles, averaging 64MB. set 1 set 2 set 3 set 4 set 5 set 6 set 7 set 8 set 9 set 10 set 11 set 12 set 13 set 14 set 15 set 16 set 17 set 18 set 19 set...
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    carlos_fierro's FM 2016 facepacks

    Download reference folder 15,090 tiles totalling 1.4GB I can't set up a torrent, others are welcome to do so. Use these panels to make the tiles work. Place them in a folder like this. Use this data file to correct / simplify team and comp names (10.1.16).
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    FM15 action facepack project

    This project finished on July 31. All download links have been maintained. The 2016 project can be found here: FM 2016 facepacks. Click on the project name to download. Use these panels to scale the tiles. Place panels in a folder like this. Download the templates here and here. Check back...
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    Latin sound pack

    not working any more.
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    FM 2014 Gz12 facepacks

    FM 2014 action facepacks GO HERE FOR THE 14-15 PROJECT: LINK (It's much better!) These tiles work best with the official dark skin, and text & picture zoom to 125%. If you're here via the Steam workshop, please rate and favourite it there. FINAL VERSIONS ENGLISH MEGAPACK ITALY MEGAPACK...