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    Looking for a Limited Defender for United.

    Looking to form a Centre Back partnership like what United once had back when Rio and Vidic were in the prime. So got the Rio role sorted just not sure who would fit the Limited Defender-Stopper type of player for the Vidic. I'm in the first season so budget isn't too much bother of how much I...
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    Could my laptop run FM16

    I managed to play FM15 on my laptop but not to great standard but it worked very well. I did a test to see if it would be but it came up with a report saying the Video Card isn't up to scratch. But wondered if it would be playable but just not the high standards it may want with a more up to...
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    In need of a CM/DMC June 2016 Palermo.

    Just finished my second season and two of my midfielder's retired this season so need some cover for the two that have retired. Only problem is that my budget I got was only £1.5 million and have had to put it into my wage budget as not got much of a wage budget either. So if any one can think...
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    Need help for signing's for Palermo second season

    Looking at getting a First Team keeper and maybe a back up one. Also 2 or 3 CB's due to current ones aren't too good. Budget is £10.02 million and £185k
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    Macos Rojo, sell or keep?

    Been having clubs getting interested in Marcos Rojo and not in need in replacing him if do decide to sell. If I do sell then how much is he worth asking for?
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    Smalling or Evans

    Looking to sell one of these but unsure on which one. Evans due to being on verge of turning 30 and then not playing much. Smalling - Not playing much first team football and got two years left on his contract.
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    Am I in need of strengthening my squad?

    Been given a large sum for transfers and not sure where I need to improve...
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    Manchester United Summer 2016

    I'm managing Manchester United.Looking for a decent youngster/wonderkid who would be available, for challenging David De Gea for the First Team keeper in years to come. Have found Thiago from Flamengo not sure how good he gets though as still has black stars on his report but anyone who has...
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    Chapman7 Tactic - 15.3.0

    I've made a similar tactic for this patch to my FM14 one. I've just finished my first season which became lowest ever finish I've had with United with more long term injuries than would have liked. League Table The Tactic Whilst losing David De Gea to a 5 month injury, with Valdes out for...
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    Chapman7's Norwich City Tactic!!

    Squad 2014 Tactic 2014 Sky Bet Championship Table+ Player + Team Stat's Individual Players Transfers 2014 Results This tactic worked wonders with this Norwich team. Due to not playing Wide players I decided that couple players needed to be retrained to fit in my formation I...
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    Chapman7 Manchester United FM15

    I'm back with a newly created tactic which has been tweaked over my first season which just got completed. Came second in the League, with being mid table-6th up until November time I think my team did pretty well to climb all the way to second and hold it from November till end of season...
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    Chapman7 U.S. Città di Palermo tactic 14.3.1

    Just managed to finish first season with Palermo, winning Serie B for promotion to Serie A. As never managed in Serie A/B I found it difficult to find a consistent tactic as I would be on a unbeaten run then I go on a losing streak until I managed to have myself make this one. Which proved to be...
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    Chapman7 - Manchester United Team Guide

    Chapman7 Manchester United Team Guide! Club Name: Manchester United Affectionately known as "The Red Devils" League: The Barclays Premier League Last years League position: Winners Founded in: 1878 Rivalries: Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal Stadium Name: Old...
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    Chapman7 Manchester United tactic 14.3.0

    Chapman7 Manchester United tactic 14.3.1 I have returned after a two years without playing Football Manager, after my laptop stopped working. I have just finished my first season with United, and won the quadruple. Community Shield, Premier League, Capital Cup and Champions League. Premier...
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    Chapman7 Manchester United Tactic thread. Patch 12.2.2.

    So I'm back, with my first tactic for FM12 with United.First of all I'm using the same formation as I used for one of my last tactics for FM11. This tactic has been very successful so far in my current save gone unbeaten all season won every game, 10 points clear of the Premier League, Top of my...