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    Michael Owen On Dragons Den

    Couldnt help laughing when I watched this... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
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    Norweigan Logos

    Anyone have a link to a Norweigan logo pack?
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    Rosenborg Facepack

    Anyone have a link to a facepack for Rosenborg?
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    Raul Albiol

    I may have missed this but did anyone else realise Madrid have also signed Albiol? 4th paragraph of this article.
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    Help requested fixing uninvolved MCa

    Hello, I will attach my tactic at the bottom of the post. As attached, I play a 4-4-2 which looks like this: Having read the TTF throughly ive decided to create a tactic based heavily on the ideas discussed within it. Now im currently half way through my first season with Man Utd...
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    Madrid Sign Kaka

    Just listening to TalkSport and there saying Kaka has signed for the Glacticos for €65m (thats euros ;))
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    FM09: Arsenal Edition :)

    Just my newsletter through from and noticed an FM Arsenal edition. Anyone got this? Also the price (£15) seems cheaper than the normal retail price.
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    Lads need a quick reply. Can buy him for 500k, scouts says got potential to be as good as adebayor. As he's 16 he'll not be able to join till 2010, so does anyone have any exp or screenshot of him past that date? Thanks. Edit: Im implementing an Wenger type transfer policy, buying youngsters...
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    Favourite Personnel

    How do you get your staff to like so ur under their favoured personnel as im trying to get my assistant to become my assistant at ghana. thanksssss :)
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    International Management

    Now i know that you can manage a club and country and you can search for vacant club managerial positions. But is it possible to search for international vacancies as id quite like to manage a country too. Cheers :)
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    Now i know there is already a Celtic thread on the 'Read Before Posting' sticky but its like the old patch, so id thought id try making an updated one. Im a Celtic fan irl so ill be updating as my season(s) go along. I would like advice on transfers/tacs whatever off anyone with experience. :D...
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    Akinfeev Or Asenjo ?

    Im Arsenal, first season - which one ? Other suggestions also welcome. ;) Cheers. :)
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    Most goals with one player?

    My biggest ever win, only a friendly against a really **** team, but i was still really happy. :D And Berbatov scores 11 goals. :P
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    Celtic 2 - 1 Rangers

    Celtic 2 - 0 Rangers Just thought id rub it in! :D
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    Arsenal Skin

    Im not looking for anyoew to make me one but is there one to download and also does anyone have links to Arsenal backgrounds? (Ive seen a few people with them on screenshots.)