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Recent content by Clairvoyant17

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    Hacker - breaking the game with all I know about it

    Your hacker tactic is the best for me i won everythink with dortmund in my 2. Season i will try your new one i hope its better than hacker.
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    JB 4-3-3 Dominator

    do you use os?
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    fm 20.4.1(4-3-1-2)@[email protected]

    i would like to test your latest tactics if you want just sent me.
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    541 terminator - my tweak of lisa's FM 20.4(4-3-3)@[email protected]

    How can i play fm touch on pc can you tell me ? Thanks.
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    FM 20.4(4-3-3)@[email protected]

    its not work for me i tried with dortmund
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    FM 20.4 (4-2-4) @[email protected]

    im confused too is this a good tac. or not?
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    fm20 furkan bam bam

    Noluyo burda Türk gecesi mi yapıyoz :)
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    playgm Wufeng Swords

    same this tac. does not work for me too cant score and bad football
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    playgm Wufeng Swords

    Can you share ss for OI ?
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    Gungnir strikerless [Mythology]

    im gonna tr this who takes the corner?
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    didn't work for Juve
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    Zeus Wall by babemocni1988

    i tried this for a few games but its not for me. yes this tac. is strong at the back but not good at attack. I barely score my striker scored 2 in 5 games.
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    3412 GOALS

    My strikers could not score in 5 games and i have mason greenwood mbappe i cant understand how it is work for you guys why every tactic goes **** for me :( any suggestion pls