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    help with defence

    So every game I have like 20+ shots on goal and normally create about 4/5 CCC's and yet my players miss shots from 2 yards out. Nevertheless, I win most games but do so with 3-2's and 4-3's - the opposition create 2 decent chances and always score them where i create 6 or 7 and miss most. I...
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    FM14 personal reviews

    So I don't have it yet - there was a lot I was disappointed with in 13 and I'm holding off buying the latest. Just wondered what people's thoughts of it were? I don't trust the magazines because they always give it 8/10 upwards regardless.
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    Youth facilities

    I have 'top youth facilities' but the board are spending £5m upgrading. Is there any further they can go? What will they upgrade to?
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    Increase youth prospects

    I've got top youth facilities, number 1 youth setup category and above average youth recruitment but as yet, after 6 seasons at Birmingham I haven't produced a single player anywhere near capable of getting into the squad, let alone the first team. How do you improve this? Last season we...
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    How do I break down weaker teams?

    Ok, so I am Birmingham City - we won the treble last season (prem, league cup and champs league) and my squad is very strong. I play a 442, quick, direct using the flanks and getting balls into my key striker Fletcher Kemble who is strong, quick and has great technical ability, I play a deep...
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    Suggest player for staff role

    Anybody know how to do this, I have a 40 year old I'd like to suggest he becomes a coach. Thanks
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    Sub keepers...

    Can anyone help with either a good sub keeper, or a way of keeping the **** sub happy? I'm Bayern Munich and I've got Neuer as keeper, there's no way anyone is getting in ahead of him but I've been through the different subs as they all come to me saying they're not happy. I sign them all as...
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    My injury woes

    Anybody have this problem - it comes and goes but at the minute every game I have an a player come off injured, only for 2 or 3 days so it's not that bad, although it is annoying to know every game I'll have to replace someone. However, the real frustration is in the fact that it always gives me...
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    Help with Bayern II please

    Can anyone tell me how/if I can sign a coach only for Bayern's reserves? When I arrived there were several coaches that were contracted only to bayern II and I can't seem to replicate that. Help would be much appreciated.
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    Transfer fee help...

    So I signed John Fleck; agreed fee with Rangers at £3.6m but when I clicked to sign the press reported it at £4.1m. Is that the fee they're actually going to take and why? Same thing happened with Danny Haynes agree £750k and it came in at £875k...
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    Ridiculous Statistics

    I have an average of between 13 -18 shot a game with a good 6/7 clear cut chances but the opposition have 2 on target and draw or beat me. Anyone else having this problem coz it's happening to a friend of mine as well and it's driving me mad!