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    Man Utd- Help with roles! (And possibly formation!)

    There was a tactic on fm scout called the undefeated Gaul. That was a good 4231 a while back.
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    Man Utd- Help with roles! (And possibly formation!)

    If you look at my Kashmir tweak test a few posts below that test was done with Man Utd and it was pretty unstoppable, your team looks even stronger. pogba and Silva could both play mezzala and Neves in the DM role.
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    Dobba's Kashmir Clean Sweep

    Ran a test with spurs (no signings) finished 4th but a poor return on goals from Kane. Ran a test with Sunderland finished comfortably first. No signings made and no great forwards in the team.
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    Dobba's Kashmir Clean Sweep

    First of all, this is nearly all Knaps work so all the praise must go to him. I was just messing about on a small database save with proven tactics and styles. From the original i have changed the wingers to inside forwards as plenty of width is provided by the wb's who get a lot of balls...
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    Is the AMC not designed for this year's match engine?

    4231 is by far my favourite tactic. I tried so many combinations and tweaks but for some reason if with world class players the games just seem to pass them by. The only success I’ve had in my own tactics with the formation and role (and in the likes of Knaps tactics) is if you used a the role...
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    My final 4231 tactics 20.4.1

    Good afternoon all. Ive created these two 4231 tactics based on two tactics that ive used on FM20 and really liked. Ive tweaked both to a point where the players play the same positions and roles in both tactics making it easy to switch between the two in game. The first tactic is a tweak...
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    My final 4231 tactics

    dobba1988 uploaded My final 4231 tactics Leave feedback below.
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    Pavs 2004 pep tweak

    At no point did I say it was a wonder tactic, just posted some surprising results.
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    Pavs 2004 pep tweak

    Sunderland League 1 results. A poor team with little creativity but Brewster managed just short of 40 goals for the season. Obviously hes not Aguero an does not have Silva and KDB supplying assists. About to test a very poor Championship Squad and see how it goes.
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    Pavs 2004 pep tweak

    Are you being serious?!? I lost count of how many tactics I’ve tested and gave feedback on. I’ve even posted one myself when the game first came out. I only post something after testing. I can 100% confirm that no editor was used, I’m not even sure how I’d use the editor to make Aguero score...
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    Pavs 2004 pep tweak

    Would love to see some other people’s results if they decide to test.
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    On my Sunderland save the only two players I buy first season are Rober from Real Betis 750k buyout. Naci Unuivar from Ajax, offer 1m and you’ll get him.
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    Building a Team : Cheap Kids - Bargain Players - Cheap Wonderkids

    Rober - Real Betis 750k buy out clause. AMR.
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    4-2-3-1 Spirit of 2004

    It’s been by far my favourite skin but the update seems to have knocked it out a little. A few bars when negotiating seem to be off centre. A few other little niggles here and there.