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My final 4231 tactics 20.4.1

Good afternoon all.

Ive created these two 4231 tactics based on two tactics that ive used on FM20 and really liked.

Ive tweaked both to a point where the players play the same positions and roles in both tactics making it easy to switch between the two in game.

The first tactic is a tweak of the Camouflage 4231 tactic which was really strong and played some great football. This is the tactic i start most games with, it will attack teams and create a lot of chances. This tactic can be downloaded as Camo Tweak.

The second tactic which can be downloaded as Camo Tweak Taka is a recreation of RDF's Pep Barcelona tactic which played incredible possession football but at times i found it to passive, you could create lots, dominate possession and lose a game 1-0 to a set piece. Ive tweaked it to play the same position and roles and my Camo tweak so it can be switched to effortlessly in game. I tend to use this one away from home against a big team if im struggling for possession or there creating a lot early in the game. Alternatively if you're controlling a game 2-0 or more its not as intensive as the camo tweak and your team will sit off a bit and control the game and possession while still creating clear cut chances.

Ive tested both of these tactics on a single season using my chelsea team (2nd season) and both won the league

I try to have two players who can comfortably play a set role

GK Kepa/Blackman
WBR james/Semado
BPD Diaz, Akani, Timori, Christensen
WBL Alonso, Gaya
DLP Jorginho, Kovacic
BBM Kante, Loftus Cheek
AM Havertz, Mount
AMR Ziyech, Pullisic
AML Everton, Hudson Odoi
AF Haaland, Abraham
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