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    Marking settings - Help needed

    I am using a 433/451 and i want that my inside forwards to specific mark the opposition fullbacks. My problem is that these settings change sometimes. It doesn´t happen just when the other team changes their formation. My question is. Does anyone know (in the ME) what is the difference...
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    Are u special too?

    The aim of this challenge is to recreate Mou´s career. Mou started is career as a manager in Benfica but he left after a brief period, so in this challenge, you will start in the portuguese team União de Leiria. You will load the leagues u want but u can only load leagues from the following...
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    AML/R 4 Benfica 3rd season winter market

    I need a AML/R 4 my Benfica team, 3rd season winter market. I play a 4231 and my wingers act as a mix of playmakers/inside forwards. My main choices are douglas costa and gaitan, and i have rodrigo and weiss as backups. the problem is that gaitan broke a leg (7 monts out) wich will pretty sure...
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    Who will win the UEL

    It´s like the OP suggests. Who do u guys think will win it? For obvious reasons my vote goes 4 my beloved Benfica.:wub:
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    How to allow tycoon takeovers

    Hi i need a litlle help here. As far as i understand there will never be tycoon takeovers in other countries rather than Eng, Spa, and Ita. Is there anyway to change this? Thanks in advance
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    B2B miedfielder - up to 4 million 3rd season

    Hi, i really need a good b2b miedfielder 4 the upcoming season in my Benfica save. I didn´t like to pay more than 4 million. Any suggestions?
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    Poças wide diamond patch11.1

    Good afternoon everyone. First of all sorry for my bad english but i hope you can understand the post. I´ve been developing a 41212 for new fm and it brought me great sucess so far. I have only tested it with Benfica but i think it will work even better with stronger teams. I´m not sure if it...