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    [FM18] The Australian Ethnic Challenge

    The Australian Ethnic Challenge The aim of this challenge is to win the National Premier League of each federation with a club of a certain ethnicity, for the three major footballing ethnicities in Australia - Italian, Greek and Croatian. For some NPLs, there are multiple clubs of a certain...
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    Montgomery Town - Building A Welsh Dynasty

    One thing that I've always wanted to 'fix' in the football world is how terrible domestic football is in Wales. For a national side that has been in the top 10 of the world on a few occasions recently, the Welsh Premier League is quite simply one of the worst in Europe and it isn't helped by the...
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    Olympique Lyonnais - Returning To The Pinnacle

    Welcome Welcome to what I hope will be my first prolific FM16 save and story, after multiple slip-ups and tactical errors over multiple saves. FM16 just hadn't been working out for me but after constructing a tactic for my Chelsea-United story with Maximus, I tried it out on a new save and by...
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    In Fair Verona

    Prologue Welcome to the tale of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, of the Montague and Capulet families, and the Hellas Verona and Chievo Verona football clubs. Welcome to a tale of love, of anguish, of bitter hatred and revenge. I, Feliks, will be guiding you through this journey...
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    West Ham - Hammers Of Justice

    Welcome Hi folks. My name is Feliks and I'm a new member here. My participation in the FM Base Ashes has seen me have a look through the stories section, and I figured, maybe I should have a go on here? So I'm bringing you a current story of mine from a different site. Hopefully you guys...