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Recent content by goldenballs12345

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    Cant quite believe it so had to post something somewhere!! Third season, two good seasons without winning any silverwear but third season, Champs League Winner! Fourth season, new stadium and who have I just signed?!? Yep! BALE!!! For me the final piece in an almost perfect team! Criticise...
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    Paul Pogba

    Would greatly appreciate any opinions on this one! Just about to begin the third season with THFC...... Finished 4th season 1, 2nd season 2, building up a great squad of expensive highly paid experienced players with younger cheaper squad players..... After having a number of contract...
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    Central Midfielders

    Looking to start as THFC and want to play 4-2-3-1 formation. Looking for CM's, but proper CM's. Dont want DM who plays as a CM of Advanced Playmaker. Any suggestions for good old fashioned, proper Central Midfielders.......?
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    THFC - 2012/13 - A good season?

    League Cup - Semi's FA Cup - 4th Round Europa League - WINNERS League Position - 6th Just curious what you think?! Personally, I am disapointed. If it wasnt for the African Cup, losing my two strikers, main midfielder and left back then I think we could have done a lot better. Any suggestions...
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    Help! Stuck!

    Have just started 2015/16 season as Spurs. Have a great team to include, Akinfeev, Ramos, Bruno Alves, Vertonghan, Modric, Ayew, Hulk, Pastore, Ozil, Damaio and Benzema, along with a brand new stadium, Tottenham Stadium 50,000 all seater. However, building up my youth team, I have overlooked...
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    Steam Updates

    can anyone please suggest something!! I dont think Steam has updated my game!! When I start a new game it says version 12.0.0......surley this should say 12.1.4 or summit?? how can i check?? how can i update steam manually?? thanks in advance
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    Too easy? or Expert Manager??

    Just thought I would see how everyone else finds the game...is it too easy?? I started as sunday league experience so hardest level, with Spurs and have just won: - FA Cup League Cup Euro Cup Premier League I think I bought some good players, have good tactics and having played the game fo...
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    Hi Everyone, just thought I would post up my first real go at my usual, taking Spurs as far as I can. Have made a real effort not to look at any 'wonderkid' shortlists etc!! Let me know your thoughts!!
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    AFC Wimbledon

    Ok so, at last, we've made it. The Premier League. Taken us 10 longggggg seasons!!
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    Just a quick update on my THFC save. Year is now 2018/19. Season just starting. Honours: - Premier League 2017/18, 2016/17, 2015/16 FA Cup x 3 League Cup x 3 Champs League 2016/17, 2017/18 World Club Champs 2017/18, 2015/16 Charity Sheild x 3 Super Cup x 2 Also managed England: - World...
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    Is there anyway of knowing who the regen was regen'd from?? i.e. Beckham retires, does this then generate a regen and if so can you tell that he 'used' to be Beckham?? Thanks
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    Moving between screens slow! help!

    Please help! Have been playing on this comp for 6 months and no issues. Have had a virus, the computer has been 'wiped' and rebooted and I have reinstalled FM via disk. When I start a new game with or without the update, as soon as I click a player and his details / ratings come up, if i...
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    AFC Wimbledon

    Having managed Tottenham and Man City for the past few months, (too reasonable success) I felt it was time to see if I could take a Non-League team upto the top flight. Therefore I decided upon AFC Wimbledon as my chosen team. The currently have a good financial backing with a strong supporter...
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    Couple of quick questions.... All going well with Spurs, 1st season, sitting 3rd, Won champs league group and got Auxerre in 1st knockout round. Playing a 4-1-2-1-2, team below. Gomes Van der Weil Capdevilia Gallas Dawson Huddlestone Palacios Modric Kranjcar Defoe Dzeko Have just signed...
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    Assistant Manager

    Currently Man. C and kept Brian Kidd on (reluctantly) as AM. Can anyone suggest the best AM's in FM2011??