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    Gump out - The Tale of Inexperienced Manager

    Breaking news: Chelsea FC sack Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea have sacked their former player, Roberto Di Matteo, today with immediate effect. The news comes as big surprise as just months ago Di Matteo led Chelsea to an unbelievable Champions League title. Along with Di Matteo, his assistant...
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    The Era of Swanselona

    The Era of Swanselona Prologue, January 21th 2012.. Spectator: And that is the final whistle, Manchester United are the winners of this game with 2 - 1 result. There seems to be no light in the dark tunnel for Swansea today, having encountered their 14th loss in 22 games. Their last won came...
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    AFC Wimbledon - Kinda every position, 1st Seasom

    Yap, me is in my first season with AFC Wimbledon, January approaching and 2nd in League currently, but me needs some serious reinforcements to all areas. Seriously needed; GK (Sweeper Keeper) Ball Playing defender & Limited defender (Stopper & Cover, they should be fast) Ball winning...
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    G's & M's 2-2-3-2-1 Barca style of play

    Im glad to be ''unleashing'' this tactic as, at least for me it has worked awesomely. Some of you might ''know'' about my older tactics and this tactic is kinda same stylish as the names will tell. Now some of you might notice the tactics & threads name as G's & M's blaablaablaa. Those 2 letters...
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    Gump's Barca style of play 4-2-3-1

    Yeh Ive decided to make my latest creation available for download as sum ppl have requested it :) At least this works with Barcelona and U get lots of possession, shots, sum CCC's and passes. Total dominance, best Poss Ive had with this version is 80%.. I havent tested this version with another...
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    Chelsea - 2nd Season January

    Title says, Im currently the manager of Chelsea and aiming to bring their first Champions League win during the reign of Abramovich :) Took over from Barcelona, where I won basically everything, 5 titles. Now im using the same tactic as with Barca, basically their real life style. Now Im having...
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    In the footsteps of the Special One

    (If this OP will get accepted, then all you readers should know that I will be using LFC Marshall's january update and I hope you guys enjoy about the idea I have for this story and the following things wrote in this story isnt 100% based off events that happened in real life, so I have used...
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    Chelsea - 2nd Season

    Okay so this is my 2nd season in game, but first season with Chelsea. Last season I was with Real Madrid, but since Chelsea ''flopped'' (was 6th) in Premier League, I decided that I am interested about Chelsea post and so I got it. Now, Im having some hard time with who SHOULD I SELL/BUY, since...
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    Real Madrid - Goalkeeper

    I need a good & young GK for Casillas's backup, since Casillas has some infection or something and that he's out for 6 to 8 months... Budget; 172 Million. :) What I have already tried; Hans-Jörg **** (Free agent, but doesnt want to negotiate) Manuel Neuer (Schalke wants 40 Million euros, too...
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    Problem with Real Madrid

    So, Ive got a problem with Cristiano Ronaldo. He just doesnt score goals and rarely does assists. Last season he ended up with 4 goals overall and 5 assists. He played about 40 games. I played him as Winger in the start of the season and then changed to Inside forward. Also Higuain doesnt...
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    Real Madrid - GK, LB and CB

    First of all, No, Im not looking a first choice goalkeeper. Im looking a good young Sub goalkeeper, who can do the trick like De Gea, though dunno yet will he come. LB = I dont like Marcelo enough, Arbeloa = Never ever so im lacking LB. Ive thought about Gareth Bale, since he has been immense...
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    Aston Villa - DCLR

    Winter transfer window, first season. Budget 15 million euros, DCLR means he can play at right, left or centre (Defender).
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    Aston Villa - Striker

    First season, Budget 15 Million euros. Poacher or Target man, realistic targets.
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    Maicon vs Daniel Alves

    Which is better in your opinion? I say Maicon, since he has more size and they both have pretty much the same attributes.
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    Real Madrid - GK

    I need a backup GK, can spend 100 Million euros tho Backup GK wont cost that much. GK can be and I want him to be a great pr4ospect for the future, but he should be also able to perform straight away if Casillas gets injured. 1st season. EDIT: Oh and also need a Top quality CB. And I want...