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Recent content by hh12345

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    LLM in tiny nations league activation

    Hi guys, i have asked in the editing forum but nobody seems to help so I thought I would ask you guys who are more into this. WHen activating leagues in tiny poor nations is there a way to set the maximum youth wage for the intake of new youth palyers? Alsoany player on a non youth...
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    Maximum youth wage when activating new league?

    Hi guys, I know this has been a commen problem for various people like me who enoy lower league management in poor countries. When activating a country is there a way to prevent youth players recieveing 45 pounds a week when on youth contracts and from stopping every non youth player having...
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    Best English Lower League download?

    Hi guys, I am looking to download a file which activates the English lower leagues. I have seen that various ones have been created but was wondering which one is the most accurate ie. teams all enter the FA Cup at the right time. Although I would like to go down as low as possible I would...
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    San Marino Challenge

    Having read about the previous San Marino challenge and as this game has been getting too easy I am going to start this on my own with a few differences. I have activated the San Marino League and Cup: Made it as realistic as possible. I have removed all Italian players from team San Marino...
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    Premier League Years Compiled Squad

    Anyone fancy making a database where all the Premier League Squads (max of 22 players) are replaced with their star players since the Premiership Started? All ages would be set to 18 and their ratings would be based on their peak at the club Suggested starting 11s (just imagine the squads)...
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    Can this realisticly be done?? (new world league)

    I was thinking of making a world league where: Every country in the wolrd was represented by 1 team (their capital) so a 10 teir structure The players for that team would be taken from the top 22 players in the respective league. If a player was not chosen as a top 22 player he could be chosen...